911: The NATO/USMIL Takeover of the World by the NWO

Stop Nato The Anachronism of NATO and USMIL: 911 and Endless War by John Robles

Not long ago, historically speaking, when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed, the world was almost on the brink of a golden age. So easily it could have entered an age of world peace and prosperity, in which there were finally no wars and no conflicts and all the nations of the world worked together assisting each other in improving the lives of all of the world’s citizens.

Peace could have happened but the Pentagon, NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia who profit off blood and war could not have it. It could have been thus but instead we are living through one of the darkest periods in human history, where millions upon millions are dying, going hungry and being slaughtered mercilessly! Yet those who have had the power to stop it all and make it one of the brightest periods in human history and the development of the human species, do nothing for peace! They have other plans! They only wish to continue their endless resource and territorial wars to satisfy their insatiable greed if not only because they are nothing but war crazed genocidal lunatics who know not what they do and are blindly and ignorantly bent on some transient idea of world domination which they hope to fulfil by force.

The lunatics and their masters who control the West, namely the Zionist bankers, war profiteers and their lackeys and henchmen, rather than winddown the cold war and admit that they had won and were no longer needed, decided to stage 911 in order to “stay relevant” and to allow them to take even more but most importantly they saw the chance to finally complete their plan to redraw the Middle East for Eretz Israel and wipe the Arab peoples and the true Semites off the face of the Earth..

These monsters who profit off of war could not allow the cutting off of the insane paranoid levels of military spending that existed at the time nor the winding down and disbanding of NATO as it was no longer needed when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved. So it became a self perpetuating monster.

This was not something the had in mind. They had other plans and the crypto Zionists known as the NeoCons also had their own agenda and saw the end of the cold war and a friendly Russia as a means to advance project Eretz Israel, destabilize Russia even further for their Khazarian brethern and get away with everything including 911 by fooling America’s elite that there would be a golden age of global US hegemony if they went along.   

NATO was not only to be expanded  throughout Europe which was to be made into a single vassal state under the EU, but NATO would be expanded globally and become a global resource and expedition force providing tactical and military support for dictators, terrorists and anyone whom could be bought to go along with the global agenda.  

So the CFR, the Old Boys, the Bildrebergers, the Rockefellers, Morgans, Vanderbilts and the entire Zionist criminal banker cabal under Lord Rothschild, the owner of the world's central banks, the owner of the Corporation of the Untited States (according to my research) and the defacto ruler of the world, sponsored a "Project" and convinced their lackeys to go along with 911! Yes we know who did 911! Yes we know it was for the Rothschild bankers and carried out by MOSSAD and allowed to happen by the CIA and done not only for global US domination, which the Zionists really couldn't care less about, but to commit genocide across the Middle East and secure most of the Middle East for the insane plan of Eretz Israel. You see the Israelis could never do it alone. So they took over America and are using America's armed foces as their private army, and in classic devious Zionist fashion, the stupid American people are paying for it and dying for Israel.   

I confidently name these individuals as being guilty of 911 with 16 years of research to back me up. As they say always follow the money and all the money trails, including the tens of trillions missing from the Pentagon all lead back to Rothschild and his cabal. As they say time will tell and the passing of time has made it clear who exactly is driving the policies of the West towards one of endless war. It is clear who was behind 911, why and even how.

NATO continuity and expansion were not the only reasons for 911 but a very important one. For one thing justifying NATO and keeping it going without an enemy and without war (cold or otherwise) was became increasingly difficult, if not completely ludicrous. How could they justify the protection racket money of 3-5% GDP that they were sucking from member countries when there was no longer an enemy? But again justifying simple continuation was not the worst problem, they wanted to expand their racket and pull in more countries! So the blood thirsty monsters who control all the levers and all the puppets, devised their plan to kill all chances of peace, and started an endless war so they could take over the world while there were no challengers! And that my dear reader is exactly what 911 allowed them to do.  

The amazing thing is that it was all laid out in perfect detail in the NeoCon’s Project for a New American Century (PNAC) document called Rebuilding America’s Defenses (RAD)! Even calling for the 911 catalyst event was detailed and no one has questioned it as evidence of guilt! Everything we have seen since has gone according to the plan of the Zionist NeoCon Cabal, from 911 to the Full Spectrum Dominance Doctrine for global domination.


 So what we are seeing is the real and total taking over of the world and something the United Nations was formed to prevent. These genocidal lunatics continue their endless war profiteering and world takeover by creating terrorists, conflicts, instability and revolutions from which they profit and gain.  

We saw Bush turn the US Presidency into an imperial one. We saw the birth of the repressive police state in the name of security. We saw the passing of laws and protocols like REX84 and laws allowing for propaganda dissemination into the United States. We have seen Americans lose all their freedoms and rights and literally become debt slaves to the machine. And every year defense spending goes up and nothing is done to the Pentagon which has lost over 12 trillion dollars. They have installed what people now know as the Deep State and the Rothschild shadow government has every mechanism it needs to guarantee it is perpetual. A dumbed down populace, the complete control of the media and all channels of information, the complete control and surveillance of all methods of communication and the complete control of all of the political and economic instruments. They have completely taken over America! It is now not only the legal property of the Rothschilds through ownership of the Corporation of the United States, but it is now physically his to control.


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