In  Defense of the Atavism of Truth:

The MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA Assange Disinformation Redux

John Anthony Robles II


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In Defense of the Atavism of Truth: The MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA Assange Disinformation Redux  

MAY 28, 2019

In Defense of the Atavism of Truth: The MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA Assange Disinformation Redux

It had been hoped that the true nature of the Limited Hangout, Israeli, 9/11, FVEY WikiLeaks Identify and Entrap Operation would finally be revealed somewhere in the global alternative media but even the “alternative” media is following and in fact expanding and spreading the MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA media circle jerk which has surrounded Assange for years and continues totally unabated, continuing to serve as a distractor while the CIA/MOCKINGBIRD media/internet surveillance, censorship and control grid literally takes over the world and the real Truthers and truth continue to be ignored. The lies and grandiose claims regarding Assange keep getting bigger and bigger, and greater and greater, as the HASBARA clowns reboot and start singing the same sick cancerous song of lies and disinformation for their chief disinformation agent who has now been arrested for jumping bail and will have to answer for rape and a plethora of Cybercrimes to the MOCKINGBIRD state while the DEEP STATE whom he served are using their MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA assets and continue to obfuscate and hide the truth. Any hope of real truth appearing in the global media space has been expectantly dashed as will continue to be the case, because in 2019 truth is now, the atavism! The Assange figure’s final gift to the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex is the global MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA narrative that anyone who exposes the truth and the crimes of the MIIC will be destroyed. Yes truth, not NATO, is the atavism. They switched the flip.

Truth: The New Enemy of the Wolves and their Sheeple

Ah, that word again, truth, that pesky little word that always seems to come up in anything I write.

Truth, the enemy of the war criminals, Zionists, profiteers, intelligence assets, traffickers, psychological operations’ tools, HASBARA freaks and the “elites” they serve. Truth is the enemy of the racist and Satanic New World Order and those attempting to force their master race “status” on the rest of humanity and of the liars and fabricators supporting the fake construct of Israel and the promotion of the moneyed genocidal lunatics creating a racist white genocide based apartheid state in the heart of the Middle East.

Truth is also the hated enemy of the MOSSAD, whose openly stated mission is the “creation of history”, and the enemy of the CIA’s MOCKINGBIRD global media web, who real objectives are brainwashing the populations of the planet and global “Full Spectrum Domination” through endless illegal wars of aggression and the destruction of states.

Finally truth, that beautiful clear and little word, has also become the enemy of a majority of the world’s little people, even those who used to call themselves “Truthers” and the global audience of Anglo-Saxon propaganda who willingly swallows up and digests the endless drivel, fabricated half-truths, obfuscations and the lies published by the lunatics, mass-murderers and racist filth playing the role of puppet masters and hiding in the shadows.

A Message to Fake Journalists

For the factually and mentally challenged slobbering morons worldwide marching lock-step repeating Russophobic lies and any other war lie thrown their way and who now pass themselves off as “journalists” to a public happy to eat endless piles of misinformation, disinformation and carefully crafted feces, the word truth is one that they have tried to equate with the only true word they understand in the English language, the word, lie. It is these MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA automatons who are making the endless illegal wars of aggression possible for the MIIC and there is no voice now loud enough to be heard through the cacophony of their ever increasing driveling banter. The 4th Estate is now simply a propaganda arm of the MIIC, factually, literally and encoded into law.

I would like to remind them and remind you that there is only one truth and unlike the endless variants of endless murderous lies coming out of the MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA media, truth has no variants.

Remind them? That is a good one. What is the point in reminding pathological liars only interested in getting a pay check and too lazy to fact check whose only possible recollection of truth may be some vague, half-remembered sentence or two in a journalism 101 class which prepared them to join HASBARA University, when it is clear that truth for them is a variable concept? If in fact they even have that much knowledge, something not needed if you are a MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA freak.

For the half-brained MOCKINGBIRD diarrhea regurgitating global “journalists” the only skill needed to keep getting that HASBARA paycheck is the ability to repeat talking points and to cite the same fabricated drivel of other MOCKINGBIRD brain killers. No real journalism skills needed! No troubling fact-checking, no dealing with bothersome sources, no critical or original thinking and finally, in MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA world, no truth is ever required. Oh sorry, I almost forgot, they do need to possess elementary language skills in order to produce short “coherent” simple sentences, so that they do not confuse their dumbed down MKULTRA/HASBARA programmed audience with its three second attention span and inability to carry out any form of critical thinking. 2019: the liars leading the blind.

Inside WikiLeaks and the Truth Nobody Wants

As a former WikiLeaks associate and media partner, a former translator, lead announcer, geopolitical investigative journalist and an editor at the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD liquidated Voice of Russia World Service (which was taken apart from the inside by a 5th column serving the MOCKINGBIRD machine) and finally a leak site owner that hosted WikiLeaks when it was first shut down and knew Assange from the beginning, it is my duty as a real journalist to attempt to inject some truth into the narrative surrounding the current HASBARA disinformation operations surrounding the Assange figure (Paul Hawkins).
The truth is (that pesky little word again) that Assange (Hawkins is his real name) and WikiLeaks (which is not a Wiki) were a disinformation operation and a global media Limited Hangout for the 9/11/HASBARA/NeoCon/Deep State/“elites” and multiple intelligence agencies which in fact NEVER exposed anything damaging to Israel, the CIA or the Shadow Government and was designed from the very beginning to entrap and identify leakers and whistleblowers, which it has done with impunity.

For one factually challenged “journalist” writing Limited Hangout drivel and jumping on the HASBARA train labeling anyone against Hawkins who is not a war criminal or member of the mainstream media, a “conspiracy theorist” and who claims Hawkins exposed false-flags and corruption while ignoring or not even knowing that Hawkins called 9/11 a fake conspiracy and actually successfully exposed not war crimes (the Collateral Damage killing spree orgy) nor corruption (nothing ever changed), but in fact exposed the leakers and sources, I have news for you: the track record of Hawkins and WikiLeaks in getting leakers, hackers and whistleblowers arrested is only beaten, percentage-wise by Pierre Omidyar’s Intercept and Edward Greenberg (Snowden).

If you cut away all of the cancerous disinformation and misinformation surrounding WikiLeaks and Hawkins and simply look at the facts you are left with a cowardly rapist bail jumper who had some computer skills and tried to, in his enigmatic narcissistic way, manipulate the media, curry favor with Western Intelligence Agencies by identifying, exposing and burning sources, while all the while serving as a disinformation HASBARA operation for MOSSAD and the global 9/11 Rothschild criminal syndicate which he believed made him untouchable. Of course that may be too much information and truth for the hack in question and all of the other MOCKINGBIRD idiots attempting to pass themselves off as journalists for their media puppet masters whom I invite to read and delve into all of my independent investigative findings on WikiLeaks, Hawkins, Mueller, Trump, the Clinton Crime Family and the Zionist construct of Israel available on this site. A good place to start is of course 9/11 and then obtaining a simple understanding of State Terrorism and HASBARA, once you accept that Israel is a lie created and supported by the Anglo-Saxon global empire you may be on your way to being a real journalist and understanding the truth of how the world works, but then again your programming will not allow it.

WikiLeaks: Demonizing Russia, Liquidating Truthers, Normalizing War Crimes and Obfuscating 9/11

Hawkins made his fame by publishing partial, doctored and redacted truths never once exposing Israel or 9/11 and facilitating the identification, arrest and even assassination of real heroes, whistleblowers, fighters for truth and hackers such as Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Michael Ratner, Seth Rich, Michael Hastings, Aaron Schwartz, John Jones, Lauri Love, John McCarthy, Gareth Jones and hundreds of others including yours truly and my son now rotting in a Russian prison for the 5th year.

One thing that Hawkins/WikiLeaks and their partner project Greenberg/Intercept have exposed and which for me and anyone even partially awake is in fact the elephant in the room, is the global HASBARA/MOCKINGBIRD cesspool that has become the global media and in particular their network of agents, assets and outlets right here in Russia. For failing to expose 9/11 and other facts such as the fact that Mueller was the key 9/11 cover-up agent which in doing so would end the endless lies against Russia and while in fact promoting anti-Russia hysteria, the principles responsible deserve the same fate as that of say, John Jones. Then there is the installed leader and hero of the 5th column who rather than being thankful he was given residency in Russia, although not asylum, Snowden in fact started the entire “Russian State Hacker” lie and the HASBARA network in Russia refuses to even look at this fact because it serves the narrative of their Western masters who seek to destabilize and destroy Russia and most importantly delegitimize the elected President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. As for the WikiLeaks operation rather than proving that assassinated source Seth Rich actually gave the DNC leak and the Podesta e-mails to Craig Murray in a park near his home they allowed the “Russian hacker election interference” lies to spread worldwide, again damaging Russia. Thus labeling Assange as some agent of Russia is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard.

I have seen no one, even here in the Russian media space, ask why these “leakers and whistleblowers” are following the MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA Russophobic narrative and in fact promoting it, except myself. No one wants to accept the truth that the MOCKINGBIRD/Social Media control grid is being used by the Western Military Intelligence Complex to promote war and slaughter and genocide and facilitate the slaughter of millions of human beings including Russians. Venezuela recently showed us once again the reality of the CIA destruction of states, and the plans of the lunatics include the Russian State. No one wants to admit that Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and all the rest are being used as Military Intelligence tools and assets to control and manipulate populations in what has become an endless psychological operation for Israel and to facilitate real-world war, death and enslavement and again the destruction and manipulation of populations in targeted states.

As for the West there is no hope for it, the complete dropping of the ball by the so-called media on first 9/11 and then every subsequent crime by the criminal cabal that grabbed power, the cover-ups of everything from massive state sponsored pedophilia and child trafficking which the Clintonite/Rothschild puppet masters use to control the US Government, to the endless acts of illegal aggressive war are things the Western public should have been in arms over but they have been dumbed down, lied to and manipulated for so long that today, truth is an atavism and the label of conspiracy theorist is successfully applied to anyone who attempts to publish the truth. The USA is now a hopeless demonic murderous police state promoting and normalizing every sort of sexual perversion and deviation including pedophilia and attempting to use the MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA machine to guarantee that its sickness spreads worldwide. What more can be said when a state is actually publicly promoting the advancement of a known pedophile, Joe Biden, to the highest office of the land?


Anyone working in the information sphere anywhere in the world should already know what MOCKINGBIRD and HASBARA are and for those in Russia who wish to defend the Russian State and the Russian World these operations must be not only known, but aggressively fought by those in the media, but they are not. Fighting the MOCKINGBIRD and HASBARA is NOT repeating what they say and then adding a point at the end of the article, nor is it making statements that they lie or that this or that is not true, fighting the MOCKINGBIRD machine means aggressively presenting what the truth is, no matter how odious or how uncomfortable that makes the “elites”.

At a key moment in history, when President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation were gaining the moral high-ground globally the loudest voice that President Putin and the Russian World had was liquidated after the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine and installed a nazi government of terrorist puppets. The once loudest global voice of Russia and the Russian World was liquidated after being taken apart by a 5th column in earnest in the run up to Operation Ukraine and this was done by design with the help of the CIA’s agents and assets inside Russia. For any investigator the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service should have identified the foreign owned 5th column controlled by the “Liberal Elites” and Zionists in Russia and hundreds of agents of the West, but there was no investigation and every person who knew the truth, such as myself, were destroyed or even outright killed.

The media and the Internet are the chief instruments by which the disease that is the West is spreading into Russia and it is in the interests of Russian National Security that I have time and again called for something to be done. We prevented a Maidan in Moscow by exposing Michael McFaul’s 5th column and helped to prevent the slaughter of millions in Crimea and Donbass by exposing the CIA’s operations in the Ukraine but the internal facilitators continue their subversion operations unhindered. How could it be that at the moment when President Putin’s popularity in the West was on a vertically rising dynamic an individual who stated in a private meeting that he did not agree with President Putin and in fact thought of him as a dictator promoting a Cult of Personality, was allowed to take over the Russian media and turn the once great Voice of Russia World Service into a subsite of an unknown news agency with the name satellite (meaning Russia is a US satellite state)? How indeed?

The Twitter supported CIA Avatar sent to "extract" me is next.


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