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Interviews Under COnstruction
US Government Illegality: Experts, Evidence, Witnesses and Whistleblowers
U.S. Destruction of Ukraine
Interview with Willy Wimmer the Former Vice President of the Parlimetary Assembly of the OSCE by John Robles
07-08-2014 Killing Russian Journalists in Ukraine is an Organized Effort – Willy Wimmer  
... the European Union had addressed, as I see it, an ultimatum to Russia.... Usually the German mainstream media are more or less objective, but in the case of Ukraine, it is attitude is to condemn Russia and to condemn the Russian President Putin. The attitude in which this is being done is not the attitude of German publications we had in the past. And, therefore, people are scared because of the new way in which German TV and press address issues in the neighboring countries.   Who do you see as being "the hand behind" this aggressive propaganda? Some people are calling it "war propaganda".   There is in preparation of difficult events. We had it for the first time when the war against Yugoslavia started, when they attacked President Milosevic in a very personal way and when they attacked the Serbs. And we had the same situation before entering the war against Iraq, when they addressed Saddam Hussein in this way. And, therefore, people think that we are now entering a similar situation. But for the first time people here in my country, they don't trust the mainstream media any longer. You can read it in the articles they write to these....

Interview with Oksana Sazonova an aid worker assisting the refugees fleeing Novorossiya
07-04-2014 International Humanitarian Organizations Refuse to Aid Civilians Fleeing Ukrainian Warzone - Oksana Sazonova
Robles: I'm really interested to hear about the situation with the refugees coming out of Ukraine. And I think it is very important for a Western audience to hear witness reports, like from yourself, as to what is really happening there. Can you give us some of the details about what the situation is like for people right now in Lugansk, in Slavyansk and in Donbas in general? Sazonova:Yes, now, the situation with the refugees staying here in the Rostov region is rather quiet, because from the border is practically closed and people can’t see even come here if they want, because of the fights near the border, yesterday and this night. But about a week or maybe two or three weeks ago, we were getting about 10,000 or 15,000 people every day, managing. Most of them are women with babies, with little children, and they just come here in Russia and they have nowhere to go. They just cross the border and they stay in… our tent camps here, and to wait here for our officials to come and to take them somewhere else. Robles: I see. Now you say the border is now closed. I just want to make this very clear; the border is closed by the Ukrainian side, right?

Interview with Živadin Jovanović the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia by John Robles
03-20-2014 Sanctions Against Russia: Mission Impossible – Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic

Jovanović: Yes, we understand that Crimea had been part and parcel of Russia. And the referendum and the vote of the people now has opted for reunification with the motherland. So the West’s obviously reacts to suit its own interests and does not respect any principles. We are faced with another example of “double standard policy” of the West. When the Kosovo and Metohija separatists, the Albanian separatists, led by a terrorist organization, proclaimed the separation and independence of Kosovo and Metohija, the West immediately supported this decision and immediately recognized the independence of Kosovo and Metohija claiming that it was a unique case and that the Albanian national minority in Kosovo and Metohija had legitimate reasons and a legitimate right to secede from Serbia. When we said that it will be a precedent and it may backfire in Europe and elsewhere in the world, they said: “Oh, no, it is a unique case.” When President Putin in Munich in 2007 said that it is not a unique case, of course, it was not a unique case. From the very beginning we claimed that it was a precedent and it will backfire on the stability...
U.S. Renditions Another Russian in 3rd Country
Interview with a Protected Source
07-15-2014 Americans "Arrested" Roman Seleznev Without Legal Instruments - Witness
Source: What I saw was while they were at the departure hall: there was one of my friends, who was accompanying the three of them, one was a man, there was a little daughter and there was a woman. Clearly, there were two white guys who were having a conversation with him. The other guy, he did not resist anything. I was a bit far away, but I saw him being cuffed by the two Americans (as we later found out). And I thought it was a normal Interpol operation which we often see in Male airport anyway, so we did not bother to check who he was, we did not bother to come near him, but after three days we realized it was not a normal arrest. It was the Americans and it was the Secret Service. I found it from the news that it was not Interpol. Anyway, clearly, it was not local police who talked to him; it was the two white guys. I can remember one very clearly, one was wearing a green T-shirt and jeans type pants. He cuffed him. Then we started watching the guy who was being cuffed, and he was very cool actually, very calm. What he did was he put his jacket or shirt on his wrist so that we couldn't see that he had been cuffed.... 
9-11, Illegal Wars,Terrorism, Tyranny
Interview With Bruce Gagnon the Coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Interview With Bruce Gagnon
Endless war and devastation, support of nazi groups, hanging political opponents, genetically modified seeds, secret NATO armies, weapons controlled from space, nazi scientists developing plans for world domination in the Central Intelligence Agency: it all sounds like something out of a fictional tale but unfortunately this is the reality of 21st century America and its hollowed out corporate economy that has become a slave to the military industrial complex. Such an endless war machine needs an enemy and Russia is the current enemy of choice for the US/NATO. Radio VR spoke to NATO expert and one of the world’s leading peace activists, Mr. Bruce Gagnon about all of these issues and more.  
Interview with Doctor Ronald Culbreth a former analyst at Lawrence Livermore Labs and an expert on 9-11 by John Robles
06-05-2014 CIA Controlled Explosives Found on 9-11 - Dr. Ronald Culbreth
The new world order controls our news in America more strongly than what they said the Soviet Union controlled the news. We are blinded in America. So, this whole thing of threat that are in Ukraine right now, it is all chain-connected to use the demolition of the World Trade Centers, as a means to get started, to kick off what they call the Arab Spring. It really started when they blew up the World Trade Center.   Robles: Can you tell us about some of the things you know, as an engineering scientist, some of the concrete inarguable evidence that the World Trade Center was blown up, that it was not the result of lateral impacts from aircraft?   Culbreth: No, it wasn’t. There is an organization that I belong to called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. And there’s over 2,000 engineers and scientists in the organization. But we can’t get any hearing because of the controlled news media. They have such an iron fisted control of the news; we can’t get a new investigation. The purpose of it was so they could make a war in Afghanistan, and then follow through with more wars and this builds their war machine, and made it possible for them to rob all...

Interview with Doctor Kevin Barrett a Professor in Arabic and Islamic studies and the owner of truthjihad.com by John Robles

 03-21-2014 Neocons Hastened Demise of US Empire
The most likely prospect for the next big world power is China. So, there is some strategic encirclement of China. It seems that they are facing towards the Islamic world and they are facing towards Russia demonizing these other countries, even though the likely challenger is China. And you have to sort of wonder why that would be. I suppose, in a sense they are keeping in practice, you know, trying to keep their big military beefed-up. Always have an enemy, you know, convince the people that there is always a big threat and that way you can keep that huge imperial force out there. But the irony of this is that the military depends on the economy. And actually, it also hurts the economy, to spend too much on the military. One of the reasons why China is rising so fast, is that China spends a much smaller amount of its GDP on its military than the US does. One of the reasons the US is collapsing is that it is adapting its policy that is not geared towards real economic growth at home. It is letting its corporations exploit workers all over the world and flee. And so we've got crumbling factories here in the US. The real economy is hollowed out here....

Interview with former NSA analyst and whistleblower Wayne Madsen by John Robles
01-27-2014 CIA Pilot Philip Marshall was Killed in a Black Op – Wayne Madsen

A former pilot who had admitting to working for the CIA in the Iran Contra affair and had written several books investigating the events of 9-11, was found dead along with his children in what many are calling a Black Operations hit, including former US National Security Agency Officer Wayne Madsen. In an interview with the Voice of Russia’s John Robles Mr. Madsen says the author was working on his fourth book which he said would expose information that would be a bombshell and blow 9-11 wide open. The author had been told that the key to solving 9-11 was at the “Boneyard” (the Marana Air Field) in the US state of Arizona. Wayne Madsen The events of 9-11 continue to be the subject of intense investigation and Mr. Madsen reveals that he had talked to people who worked for the CIA, NSA, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and they had all pleaded to testify about what they knew to the 9-11 Commission, but they were not allowed to. Why? Madsen: What I was told is that two of his old colleagues from the Iran Contra days had come to Phil Marshall and said you need to look down at the Marana Air Field. That is going to help you solve the case of 9-11. So he got this from people on the inside.


01062014 http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_01_06/United-States-were-involved-in-9-11-events-Len-Bracken-3818/
12252013 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_12_25/9-11-WTC-fires-and-collapses-were-a-lie-steel-melts-at-1500-C-David-Conner-2504/
121913 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_12_19/House-of-Saud-Zionists-Al-Qaeda-and-CIA-destroyed-Middle-East-Kevin-Barrett-9959/
12172013 Operation Northwoods techniques on-9-11: US fake terrorist attacks to create war
12082013 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_12_08/9-11-was-carried-out-by-US-Saudi-Israeli-intelligence-Glen-Bracken-8307/ 
11232013 JFK and how the military industrial complex has taken over America
11212013 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_11_21/9-11-hijackers-had-addresses-on-Pensacola-Naval-Air-Station-Len-Bracken-2689/
November 13 2013 9-11 was an Indirect Defensive Attack – Len Bracken Part 01 Transcript Source
November 07 2013 Bush family ties to the Nazis and Skull and Bones are significant – Andrew Kreig Part 02  Transcript Source
10252013 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_10_25/The-end-of-the-US-empire-no-hegemony-forced-accountability-5492/ America, reaping what it sows! 
Breeding Terror the PNAC and 9-11  
September 21 20132 US-Israel-Wahhabists-Saudis: 'an unholy alliance' – Dr. Kevin Barrett Part 01
September 24 2013 US/Al-Qaeda threatened Olympics through Saudi proxy – Dr. Kevin Barrett Part 02
September 24 2013 9-11: a mythic event dividing time into before and after – Dr. Kevin Barrett Part 03  
August 30 2013 Anonymous Libyan Official links Prince Bandar Bush to Syrian Chemical Attack     
08042013 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_08_04/The-PNAC-9-11-and-FEMA-Connecting-the-dots-and-the-big-picture-7215/
July 07 2013 9-11 Mossad Operation: 9-11 Revisited March 12 2013 Cancer epidemic among Latin American leaders not coincidental – Dr. Barret Part 01 
March 13 2013 Cancer is a very convenient assassination tool – Dr. Kevin Barret Part 02 
March 25 2013 9-11 was massive mind control exercise – Dr. Kevin Barret Part 03  
Dr. Kevin Barrett in an Interview with John Robles on the VOR  
Dr. Kevin Barrett Doctor Co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish Christian Alliance owner of www.Truthjihad.com   Download Barrett
Edina Lakovich Muslim council on 9-11    Download Lakovic from jar2 
9-11 Was an Inside Job Loose Change Final Differs from 2nd Edition and has claims on it by NBC allowing a SOPA block. 
January 05,2012, the file has been blocked by NBC, this is SOPA already in action  











12172013 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_12_17/Iskander-Ms-deployed-by-Russia-along-western-border-years-ago       

Rick Rozoff on Kosovo, NATO Space plans and Russia Part 1   Part 2   Source with transcript

10302013 Europe a proxy for projecting US force – General Breedlove

Double standards and an invasion of Palestine

Cameron: Invade Syria! / General: “You and whose army?”    

Did NATO push Erdogan into a “Saakashvili”?   

NATO invasion of Syria: coming soon, rated X  

Off-site Saakashvili: the loss of a geopolitical chess “Queen”

U.S. Backstabbing, Duplicity, and Diversion in Kosovo  Latest story from jar2

Bruce Gagnon Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  Offsite with transcript

Agneta Norberg - Vice Chair of the Swedish Peace Council Part 1 Part 2 Offsite with transcript Part 1

What is NATO/KFOR really doing in Kosovo ????     


June 06 2012 VOR Republished Interview   


More on Serbia  Forbidden Interview with Priest Monk Ksenofont and with a young man who wishes to remain anonymous..... 

KFOR opens fire on Serbs in Northern Kosovo (Time to take Kosovo back) Serbia ready to explode?

Link on the Voice of Russia NATO: Big Money, Big Interests, Global Domination  http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_05_22/75580792/

NATO and US vs Protestors  NATO VERSUS PEACE

NATO: Preparing for Syrian Invasion  Turkish Warplanes Force Down Syrian Passenger Plane Leaving Moscow

Mortar round which may be a pretext for invasion of Syria was a NATO gift to insurgents

Ruling Party MP: Turkish Army Could Reach Damascus In Three Hours      

Turkish Warplanes Force Down Syrian Passenger Plane Leaving Moscow     

Iran sets off the alarm on next NATO invasion   

Surround and Destroy Russia: US Official Policy  

Hypersonic missile: who is the target? Rick Rozoff  download   

Rick Rozoff Militarization of the Arctic by NATO   Download Rozoff Arctic from jar2.com  

Bahrain: U.S. Weapons Killing Protestors
Interview With Nabil Rajab Deleted by Media With John RoblesII Reveals U.S. Arms Killing Protestors
Mentioned in Stratfor E-Mails and deleted by the 5th Column at Sputnik. Mr Rajab has a court date tomorrow and is facing more persecution for his human rights work.
11-20-2011 Interview with Nabil Rajab, President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and Deputy Secretary General for the International Federation of Human Rights 
There were systematic tortures, hospitals were taken by the military and patients were abused and tortured in the hospitals. Many people fled the country as people died or were tortured to death. We have a bad human rights record, especially the one we have since last March. Rajab: First of all, the American political position on Bahrain was totally different from their foreign policy towards other revolutions and other uprisings that were calling for democracy and human rights. The Americans and some other western countries were very silent on Bahrain. And not only that. Their weapons were used against protesters and human rights defenders in Bahrain....
Color Revolutions and Artificial Reality
Interview with Stephen Karganovich  the President of the Srebrenica Historical Project by John Robles
02-17-2014 US Color Revolution Architects Fabricate Reality – Stephan Karganovic

Karganovic: Yes, they are creating their own reality and they are believing their own fictions. And that is what I was saying just a moment ago about the reporting on what was going on in Bosnia. A similar procedure is being applied to the Ukraine. And I think… well, I’m not trying to give them any useful lessons, but if they ask me for advice, I would that is a huge mistake, because if you do that, it is more likely that you are going to make false moves that will cost you politically. It is better, if you want deceive them, but don’t believe your own lies. And I think that is one of the huge mistakes that they are making. They are so arrogant that they think that they can produce reality and they become also the victims of their own mendacity.   Robles: Right! And I think arrogant is an understatement. I mean, we’ve heard and I'm sure you’ve heard those comments between Victoria Nuland and…I’ve forgot his name…   Karganovic: Of course I have.   Robles: Klitchy, and they are giving everybody these little nicknames, how he is not going to be the Prime Minister and he is going to be here, and oh we’ve spent $52 billion, Ukraine is pretty much ours, going over to Ukraine...
First Nations, Indigenous Issues, Genocide
06-06-2014 Thahoketoteh Elder with the Bear Clan and the Mohawk Nation: Russian hacker attack on Indian Nation computer is bogus  After the charges against the People's Republic of China on the eve of the recent historic Russian/Chinese negotiations and now with news accusations against Russia, these cyber charges have taken on more of a political character than ever before. Recent unsubstantiated reports of a Russian hacker breaking into a First Nations tribal server are simply an attempt to sow discord between the Russian people and the First Nations people of North America, peoples who are bound by a hundreds year old Peace Treaty, the Two Row Wampum.

04-05-2014 Kahentinetha Horn. She is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Bear Clan, American Indians seeking Russia's 1700 peace treaty belt

No people in the history of the world have suffered more at the hands of their fellow man than the indigenous peoples of North and South America. These people suffered the greatest genocide ever to occur on Earth and yet still remain the most peace loving nations on our planet.  In the seventeen hundreds leaders of the native nations of North America presented 13 royal families of the European invaders with Wampun belts which signified peacve and served as a treaty by which the Europeans were to respect the rights of the natives of the Americas, which they called Great Turtle Island. Mohawk Elder Kahendinetha Horn spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and the mystery surrounding a belt that was presented to then Russian Ambassador to Britain Boris Ivanovich Kurakin and which Tsar Nicolas had to be aware of. She underlines the fact that Russia and Russians never took part in the genocide of the native people, unlike the rest of Europeans.

03-25-2014 Americans-two-faces-two-tongues-Mohawk-Elder-Mark-Maracle   
A brief history of the Taino Indians in an interview with John Robles for Serbian Geopolitika  
Kahentinetha Horn, Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation   The Mohawk: Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island  Transcript  
Dr. Daniel Paul   First Nations alarmed by destruction of our planet   Part 2  Transcript part 1  
Robert Free Galvan  We are still engaged in survival after the genocide of all Indians   Transcript and photos  
Robert Free Galvan  The world did not blink an eye over the recent genocide of Mayan Indians  Transcript  
Dr. Daniel Paul Democracy existed in the Americas before Europeans invaded Mi'kmaq Elder  Part1, Part2, Part3   Offsite transcript   
Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for Native Americans
Information Warfare: Anonymous, Truth Seekers
Jesselyn Radack on UK harrassment   
David Shayler on Snowden, Manning, Whistleblowers and Syria   
Jesselyn Radack On Whistleblowers, Manning, Surveillance, and US Government Illegality   
Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall on the real activities of USAID    VOR with transcript   
Dr. Stuart Bramhall USAID/CIA: it is in the US' interests to suppress democracy   
Michael John Smith Embarrassment for London as Powell admits spying plot     download   
Francis Gary Powers Jr Spy exchange my father went through was like a spy novel  Download Francis Gary from jar2.com    
Michael John Smith, a convicted Soviet spy What's behind Katya Zatuliveter's story?     download   
Michael John Smith Playing spy games      Download Smith from jar2.com   
Giovanni Di Stefano Spy scandal: money for nothing - lawyer      Download Di-Stefano Spies Download from jar2.com   
Listen to an interview with Michael John Smith, alleged KGB spy, speaking with jar2 7.9mbs zipped  Streaming  

Hacker Amit Vikram Tiwari arrested in Indian Guccifer probe 
Guccifer arrested, media claims he hacked George Bush's art   when he actually obtained
George Bush's list of private family numbers  
Free Jeremy Hammond Tyranny Must Be Stopped Today November 15 2013 Audio Interview with  Anonymous...Transcripts
The FBI could have stopped the Stratfor leak at any point – Sue Crabtree Part 01
In the US: be careful what you share – Sue Crabtree Part 02  
Sharing link may get you 100 years in US – Sue Crabtree  Part 03  
October 03 2013 NSA is spying on everyone including Congressmen and Senators' - Anonymous Part 01 
November 03 2013 NSA spying and persecuting hackers does not prevent terrorism - Anonymous Part 02  
November 03 2013 Boston proved that NSA spying is not about terrorism – Anonymous Part 03 
One million masks, expect us - Anonymous   
Anonymous, LULSEC and TylerSec continue fighting back, U.S. State Department hacked 
Audio Interview with  Anonymous   
MY Text INTERVIEW WITH ANONYMOUS Audio and Transcript of Interview with  Anonymous 
Audio of Interview with Anonymous 
Orwellian methods of US cyber control: DDoS and the Greensboro sit-ins, Anonymous comment 
Aaron Swartz was suicided by detract team dumb fucks 
Anonymous dreams of a better world where DDos Attacks are really the nothing they are 
Israeli – Palestinian conflict escalates and “Tango Down” 
My text interview with Anonymous US Internet attacks due to corrupt campaign laws: interview with Anonymous, part 2  
My Exclusive Audio-Interview with Anonymous for the VOR part 1 
Anonymous speaks up Anonymous speaks up   
Off-site WikiLeaks and Anonymous: Will they kiss and make up? 
Please do anything you can to support Jeremy Hammond 
Interview With John Shipton, father of Julian Assange, by John Robles
02-05-2014 The US and its Allies: A Horror Show That Must Stop – John Shipton   
For many Australians it is embarrassing the way the Australian Government blindly obeys whatever the US tells it to do. Even joining in the US’ illegal wars. The scorched earth policy of divide and conquer, decimate and destroy, destabilize and control is in stark contrast to the efforts of the Russian Federation, the BRICS and SCO countries. In an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia, John Shipton, the Executive Officer of the WikiLeaks Party in Australia gave his views on those issues and much more. Having just returned from a fact finding mission to Syria Mr. Shipton praised Russian diplomatic skills and Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, whose efforts he called triumphs, second to none. Mr. Shipton and the WikiLeaks Party believe that the Russian President and Foreign Ministry are forces for peace. Peace which will allow development and growth. He contrasted these positive forces with the US and its allies who wish to restrict development so that they will have no competition. He called it a “phenomenon” that the US has destroyed 73 countries and killed 26 million people since 1945 and said is must stop.

Interview With Christine Assange by John Robles II 
06-25-2012 Christine Assange mother of Wikileaks' Julian Assange   VOR Link with transcript     A plea by Christine Assange
Okay. Well I suppose just the ones that have been started in the last couple of days and I’ll work backwards. Ahem, Julian didn’t do a “runner” on people that actually backed his bail, they fully supported the application for asylum, because asylum is actually a legal process, internationally recognized as a last resort for someone seeking justice and to continue that Julian is not trying to get out of being questioned by the prosecutor in Sweden. For the last two years he’s been trying to get this prosecutor to interview him, and she refused to interview him in Sweden, she refused both his offers to fly back in to be interviewed and she’s rejected his offer to be interviewed at some British Embassy or Scotland Yard. It’s actually a holding case for U.S. extradition. Right. She knows that if she interviews him, she’s going to either have to charge him, or drop the case, and she’s got no evidence. That’s why she wants him back in Sweden to interview him so she can lock him up, that’s exactly what will happen. Before being interviewed, once he is extradited, she will pull him straight into a remand prison on indefinite detention. Thus, assuring that he is there to be picked up by a U.S. extradition warrant, and that he won’t be able to continue his work with Wikileaks.


July 30, 2014 WikiLeaks Press Release on Australian Gag Order




 11162013 WikiLeaks fires back at Hammond sentence releases rest of Stratfor files  

11142013 WikiLeaks : Exposing the banksters and corporate fascist America  

Assange files for Senate run  

Assange's running for office may affect his asylum claims  

Interview with Samantha Castro of WikiLeaks   Part 1    Part 2   

Greg Barns Head of Julian Assange election campaign  

Samantha Castro, the co-founder of the WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance   PART ONE   PART TWO   

Michael Ratner the U.S. lawyer for Julian Assange   PART ONE   PART TWO   Published on VOR  

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Christine Assange mother of Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange   VOR Link with transcript      A plea by Christine Assange   

Australian Senator Scott Ludlum on case against Prime Minister Julia Gillard and whistleblowers    VOR link with transcript  

Greg Barns President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance on legal options for Wikileaks      VOR link with transcript

Kristinn Hrafnsson (Wikileaks #2) After Julian Assange's video conference with the United Nations Part 1   VOR link w ith transcript

Kristinn Hrafnsson After Julian Assange's video conference with the United Nations Part 2   VOR link with transcript  

Kristinn Hrafnsson After Julian Assange's video conference with the United Nations Part 3   VOR link with transcript  

Greg Barnes the President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance  VOR link with transcript  

Andreas Fink the president of DataCell on the win against Visa and the financial blockade of Wikileaks   VOR Link with transcript  

Mary Kostakidis a 20 year international TV news anchor who wrote a letter in support of Assange  VOR link with transcript  

Australian Senator Scott Ludlum: Australia gave up on Assange, Exclusive Interview  VOR Link with transcript  

Kristinn Hrafnsson Wikileaks spokesperson: Asylum is a human right and on attacks on Wikileaks   VOR Link with transcript  

Kristinn Hrafnsson Wikileaks spokesperson: Banking war against giants  VOR Link with transcript   

Jacob Appelbaum developer with the Tor Project and a close associate of Julian Assange   

Duncan Gardham WikiLeaks revelations damaging   Download Gardham from jar2.com  

Robin Ramsey This story smells funny. On WikiLeaks scandal     Download Ramsey from jar2.com  

WikiLeaks reveals US detainee policies: Camp Delta      

Wikileaks enters US election campaign    

The Secure Vault: What Must Never Be Known
Boston Bombing: A False Flag Terrorist Attack
03-12-2014 By James Fetzer PhD: one of the monstrous miscarriages of justice in American history    
1: We even have photos of Craft International personnel carrying one of the backpacks–a black backpack with a white square–to the location where one of the bombs went off, where the backpack that explodes is a black backpack with a white square, and we have them rushing away no longer with the black backpack with the white square. This should have been a “slam dunk” to acquit Clarke’s client, since there is no evidence that could convict him and abundant evidence that exonerates him. By saying that he did it, she avoided the state having to prove its case, which it could not have done. Her opening statement takes no account of the facts of the matter: 2: She claims that “you will see in the video [Tsarnaev] leaving a bomb”, even though there is no such video, which means that, even in her opening statement, Judy Clarke is deliberately presenting false information to the jury; in other words, Dzhokhar’s attorney is lying, not to acquit him but to convict him! Given the abundance of exonerating evidence, therefore, she is completely failing to provide him with even what might pass as a minimal defense, which even a first year law student could have provided, under the circumstances. There is no doubt in this case that we are witnessing a show trial, where Dzhokhar’s attorney is further perpetrating this grotesque fraud on the American public:

04-25-2014 Hollywood Producer Nathan Folks Exposes Boston Bombing as a False Flag Attack Part 1    
Folks: Back in 2013 I was watching the events unfold and as a producer, you can pinpoint very specific things that didn’t seem right. And I started to realize that we are watching yet another false flag event unfold. And as I started putting the pieces together I realized that we are up against an environment that is trying to create a fear factor in the media. And the fear factor is to keep us scared and to keep us in fear as long as they can. And the events that I know to be true, including the "Boston hero" who was a person in my last film, “The prosecution of an American president” and his wife, I started to recognize that this was not an event that was at all 100% true. Folks: It’s using an older technology that is grainer. So you can’t see the very true HD quality and you are watching... If you look back at any old footage from early 2000 or even the 1990s, it is very grainy and when you are watching it on a new technology television with latest plasma and HD and any kind of new technology you can see that it was edited.

04-25-2014 Nathan Folks: One Boston Fund Key to Boston Bombing Hoax
Crisis actors, smoke bombs, fake blood and literal "smoke and mirrors" were all part of what was the false flag terrorist attack called the Boston Marathon Bombing. To anyone who saw the pictures and footage of fake blood, make- up artists and smiling “victims”. It was obvious that something was not right. For those involved in filmmaking and in the know the discrepancies were obvious. We spoke to famous Hollywood filmmaker, producer and director Nathan Folks about why he is certain the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag terrorist attack. Folks: I think there needs to be an investigation into the One Boston Fund and the money that millions of people gave to that fund which was a complete fraud. And I think that people that are making money of this need to be investigated and by doing so I think the truth will come out. But I also believe that if you do a little bit of homework of who actually is running One Boston Fund that supported a lot of this, it goes right up the line to Homeland Security and the people that wrote books on this exact nature. I am not going to name names but it is all on the writing. It is all documents, it is all there, it is just no one wants to read it and admit it.

Nathan Folks, a film producer   
who said he could pinpoint specific details stated that when he started watching the Boston Marathon Bombing events unfold he could see things that did not seem right. The more he watched the more he was convinced as to the fabrication that he was witnessing. Mr. Folks said that he realized that what we were witnessing was another false flag terrorist attack. In an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia he stated that we are up against forces that want to create fear in the population through the media and to keep people scared as long as possible. In his interview the producer details a practice used by the US military called “Hyper-Reality Filmmaking” in which Crisis Actors and other create a real life terrorist attack or other violent or mass casualty event which is then used as a training ground for soldiers, agents, first responders and anyone else who needs to hone their skills under real world conditions. The Boston Marathon Bombing was one such “Hyper Reality” exercise that then went live. Mr. Folks said he had doubts as to whether there were any real victims but expressed his condolences if there were. He cited multiple instances of Crisis Actors at the scene of the even tthat he had worked with in the past and believes the Tsarnaev brothers were manipulated and tricked into being at the scene and were simply used by those behind the event as patsies. The full interview can be heard and read on the Voice of Russia in the near future.

Boston Bombing Evidence of Staged Event    
PSYOPs Officer Scott Bennet Interview Part 1
02-26-2015 Last Interview by John Robles II with PSYOPs Officer Scott Bennet Part 1
MULTIDIMENSIONAL INFLUENCE OPERATIONS US Army Psychological Operations Officer Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (ABD)      ZIPPED FILE   WIthout Music   Zipped   
YouTube As my long time followers know I was terminated last October from my job as an investigative/political radio and internet commentator and journalist by what can only be described as a US/CIA controlled 5th column. Shortly before that event due to my work on exposing the US destruction of Ukraine I was also placed on a Ukrainian SBU/Right Sector hitlist and since then my life has literally been turned upside down. I have literally lost everything including my marriage and home. In the hell that followed my termination amid provocations and threats from the CIA and others I was forced to go on survival mode and many thing were pushed to the side including this interview which I had forgotten about and had never been aired or published. The audio here is part one only, about 10 minutes of an hour long interview. During the interview Mr Bennet discusses the origins of the ISIS and lays out US policy. His statements about ISIS, 9-11, NATO and US intelligence amount to bombshells which the US Government will clearly not want to be heard. Mr Bennet has already been persecuted and even imprisoned on false charges because he has spoken out. According to Mr Bennet Israel has been the benefactor of the destruction of the Middle East and the United States was taken over by zealots after the election of 2000. I am convinced that with the Vista Jet revelation, another unaired interview detailing the House of Saud's Jewish roots and of course my Ukraine and Wikileaks work this interview was key in my termination and the campaign to destroy me that ensued. Please spread this interview wherever you want. Use it, air it whatever. Thanks. John    

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