A Dead Sparrow, Intercept, False vs Real Friends and We Survive the Storm


June 04, 2018 - Signs. When you have seen as much, and been through as much as I have, not just the targetting but the true evil and the demons in the dark, you develop an almost hyper-sensitivity to secret signs and messages, it is necessary or you die. There are certain things in this reality that we call our world that you can not just explain away logically.

What I am talking about and referring to is a disturbing event that occurred yesterday and which may be seen as benign, even nonsensical to the dry, callous, closed and empty mind of the average robotic denizen of what has become a horrendous hell world that we call Earth, however to those precious few souls who are attuned to the subtleties and who are awake and aware that the world is in not only in an active information and mind war but also an esoteric spirit war, taking place as we speak and as we sleep, between the demonic forces of evil and the angelic forces of love and light, the sign I am about to partake to you, dear reader, may be even a worse omen than I understand even in my darkest fears.

Yesterday should have been a joyous day as we, (me and the feline who is the only person who remembers me from the long past days when there was still something like hope in the lives of me and my children) should have been celebrating the 15 year anniversary of JAR2, which certain retarded Americans thinking they could outfox me with a poorly constructed and ridiculous "honey trap" thought they could prevent, yet to be honest, as I am to a fault, it was another stress test. Yes, another in a long and endless serious of "stress operations" which would have been made worse if it were not for a small translation job of an exceedingly complicated and convoluted scientific text of grave importance that was thrown my way at the last minute by a nice Russian girl who I had thought viewed me as beneath her contempt. No there is no hope that I will ever be gainfully employed again, this is just another example of someone remembering about my existence only when they themselves are at a complete dead end and recall I exist as I am the only capable of saving the day in cases such as this. The symbolic importance of the events of yesterday would only be understood to someone who appreciates the secret message in President Putin's picture below, and the secret message contained therein.

As I do not think anyone in the world knows or even cares, yesterday was not only the 15  years anniversary of JAR2 but was also the end of our payment for delegation of the domain which comes up on June 3rd depending on how many years ahead I pay, something the importance of which can only be understood by another domain owner or someone who is watching very closely everything I do in order to shut us down, the "honey trap" belonging to the latter category. Being that as it may the situation turned out that I paid on Friday, but due to the timing, the fact that the domain provider only works on weekdays and a few other mitigating factors, I spent the entire weekend watching my domain access page waiting for the status to change from non-delegated to extended, and constantly waiting for the domain to be unreachable, which occurred on Monday morning upon which I was finally able to contact the provider who very very quickly, almost instantly, corrected the issue. Again this is not important to you but this was my little hell for the weekend, and it was miss "honey trap" I had to thank as she had promised me work and financial relief, which turned out to be one big fucking joke on their part. So this little Russian girl saved the day quite literally of JAR2, in a real and concrete way, which is how it has been with my beloved Russia for the last 20 years. When the shit gets impossible I am called on by those in the know and as it turns out when I am at most without hope it is not an American or one of my Indian brothers who shows up but a Russian. Is this strange? It has been that way since 1995, and I must say for that reason no matter how crappy life gets, I am bound by honor and debt to my Russian brothers and sisters and Mother Russia herself.

And now I have to go out for a minute but I will be back soon and fill you in on a dead SPARROW..... QANON ought to be having kittens right now    

So the Sparrow..... I was sitting in front of my computer and hear this thump on the window pane, it did not alarm me because this happens almost every other day. I don't know why but there are always birds flying into my window panes. Like they want to get in. I usually don't bother to even get up anymore as they are usually okay. It is always a raven or a pigeon and they always get a little dazed but fly away. This time however I got up to check and there was a sparrow on the ground outside and from the way it was gasping and moving only its head I could tell it had broken its neck. I don't know why but I felt I had to do something so I ran outside but it had stopped breathing and moving. I don't know why but I picked it up and told it everything would be okay... but it was already dead... I tried to do micro-CPR but it was obvious its neck had been broken when it flew into the glass.... I laid it to rest and went for a shovel but when I came back it was gone... I am sure all that means something... Then I went back in and logged into my hosting server, with my credentials from 2003.... Intercept....   


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