Interviews with Mohawk Elder Tekarontake

by Black Eagle 



Mohawk Nation March 2014

Part One: We Will Never Get Justice in US Courts

31 March, 2014 02:44

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In the United States only those with money can get justice. There is no justice for the poor and the lawyers assigned by the state to defend those without the finances to retain their own lawyers in reality only serve the interests of their bosses, namely the state. The inability to get justice or to be treated with the same respect as the rest of the population is particularly acute for marginalized indigenous peoples whose only avenue for redress against wrongs inflected on them by the state and its agents are in the very courts those guilty of crimes against the Indians control. Tekarontake an elder with the Mohawk Nation spoke to the Voice of Russia about a case that has been dragging through the courts for 17 years and one that saw armed state police beating Indian women and children. The Indian victims have refused to settle out of court, but the cards are stacked against them as the state does what it does best, protect its own criminals.

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Tekarontake an elder with the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation. This is part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Robles: Hello Sir!

Tekarontake: Hello!

Robles: It is a pleasure to be speaking with you. I understand there is a very important case coming up in New York. I was wondering if you could give us some details on that, please?

Tekarontake: Back in 1997 the State of New York was trying to impose taxes on the indigenous people within their native communities that were, what they considered as, part of NY State. But our people have always retained who we are. We have never alienated ourselves from ourselves, but we have always continued to be as we were from the beginning of time. We have never freely accepted to be part of the State of NY or the US, or of Canada. We continue to remain as part of our own respective nations.

And so, we opposed taxation on our people. But some of our councils who are considered federally recognized. Federal recognition simply means that these people have willingly and freely accepted to comply with all the laws, rules and regulations of the US and the State of NY. These are the people who are considered our leaders, but they are the leaders only in accordance to the Government. But among the people, among the population, they are not. They are basically what people would refer to as puppet governments.

And they had entered into a taxing compact with the federal government of the US, the State of NY and themselves where they would share the collection of the taxes from our people. But our people opposed it and by the thousands we rallied and we showed our opposition to such an act to be implemented upon us.

And so many of our territories shut down highways and made bonfires and so on to continue to show our opposition until one of our communities which are Seneca, in western NY west of Buffalo, got assaulted by the state police and the people fought back and the state police got the worst part of the confrontation. And it was all like hand-to-hand and the state police were overpowered, and they were very humiliated during that whole scuffle.

So, our people continued the tax battle.

Then there was a gathering called for, which was for ceremony and was just basically a social gathering where women and children and families, some of the men came together at one of the territories called Onondaga near Syracuse NY. And some of the councils and I guess some of the officials of the NY State, and the state police decided that they would seek revenge for what happened to the state police.

Robles: I’m sorry, these were the NY State Police, right?

Tekarontake: The NY State Police. And they came in. Most of the people who were gathered were women and children and old people, like grandmothers in their 80s and so on. And there were only maybe 20 men varying in ages. Some of the medicine people built a fire and they started to do ceremony. And just then well over a hundred state police showed up with helmets and shields and clubs and so on.

One of the men went over to talk to them and ask them what their purpose was and not one of them would respond. And they all removed their name tags and so on. From my understanding they are supposed to wear name tags, but they didn’t or had them hidden. And then, without a word they proceeded to cross the highway and to come at the people.

And the people, nobody was resisting, nobody was saying anything but just standing there women and children, everybody. And the police came in and started swinging their clubs and hitting the people as they came forward. And they shut the highways down and just came in, and started beating up on people. They severely beat up many people babies, women, children. They didn’t separate who they were going to do, they just did everybody they could.

Robles: Babies, you said?!?! They injured babies?!?!

Tekarontake: Yes! One baby we had was in a stroller in a body cast and they just knocked that stroller right over. And maybe a good thing that the baby was in a body cast, otherwise we don’t know what would have happened to the baby. They beat the mother. They just beat up a whole lot of people.

I myself was there and I got arrested along with, I don’t know how many of us, about 50 of us. They took us all up to jail. For a most part I myself and others were trying to get the children and women to safety and sending the young men away so that they wouldn’t get hurt and that. And so, they arrested men and women and even some minors, and took everybody to jail.

Now, this whole incident was on tape. TV reporters were there and even the TV reporters were attacked and assaulted by the state police, because the state police was yelling at them not to film and they took their film away from them and so on. But the news agencies were able to get a court order and had the state police return their film to them. They tried to take whatever film they could away from our people. But fortunately some of our people were able to keep the films.

Now, some attorneys came and said they want to represent our people. So, a firm of lawyers out of NY, a firm out of Syracuse took the other half and we filed a lawsuit against the State of NY and the state police, because we didn’t want them to get away with it. And if we allowed them to get away with it, then they will continue to use this type of abuse against our people. But we wanted this to be really publicized and so on. And so, the State and the state police decided to try to settle this out of court.

They wanted to make a deal with us, that if we accepted the deal, they would pay us different amounts of money. And depending on how severely someone was beaten, they would pay up to $250,000 and then, the others who were wrongfully arrested and so, that’s what they say, that they would give us anywhere from $50,000 to $8,000. Some of our people accepted it. But many of us did not accept this and we said: “No! We are not doing this because of money, we want the people responsible, whether they are from the Chiefs’ Council, whether they are from the state government or form the state police, we want the people responsible to be held accountable for what they’ve done. And we didn’t want this type of action to be taken against our people again.”

But they told us “no”, that if we didn’t accept the deal, that it would go to court and we probably wouldn’t get a dollar, or maybe that was all we get is a dollar.

And judge who was retired lectured us, telling us that we were going to lose and that the jury that would be chosen, would be chosen from upstate NY and they usually rule in favor of the police and so on. You know, just telling us everything that was going to happen and that we were going to lose out in the end if we go to trial.

Still, many of us said: “No, we don’t care…” You know, “… if that’s where it’s got to go, then that’s where it’s got to go. That’s the route.”

But even though many of us don’t agree with the court system and we don’t recognize it. These are not our courts and we would never get justice in these courts.

Robles: Right! It is the white man’s court, it is the white man’s crime. I mean, they are not going to find against themselves.

Tekarontake: No, they won’t. And so, now the attorneys are saying that those of us who don’t accept the deal, they don’t want to represent us, they only want to represent those who wanted to accept the deal. And now, they are saying that if we wish to proceed, we have to represent ourselves or get another lawyer and it costs all this money, knowing that most of the people just don’t have that kind of money.

So, in other words, in the US, in the State of NY, if you have no money, then there is no justice. Basically, you pay for your justice.

So, it’s been 17 years and this can’t get resolved. And they are telling us that the whole trial is going to cost about $6 million and if we settle it out of court, they would give us $3 million and sweep this under the rug as though it’s never happened.

Robles: And that happened 17 years ago?

Tekarontake: 17 years ago and we still have not gotten any result to what happened.

Robles: It is now just going to court or when was this settlement offer made?

Tekarontake: This settlement was offered about two years ago. And it’s been dragging because some of our people will not accept the deal. And now more people won’t to accept the deal.

Some of the people said they would accept the deal only because they thought that this is what everybody want. And many of the people are very poor, and maybe this will help them. But as we got to speak more to each other, we all found out that we are not all in favor of the deal, that we were just doing it because we felt that were helping the others.

But now we find out that half of the people don’t want a deal and they want to push this issue forward. And so, many of us are going to maintain that we are not going to accept this deal.

We are supposed to receive a letter from the lawyers telling us that those of us who don’t accept the deal, that we are on our own. And so, I was speaking to Kahentinetha and I said: “Well see it shows that these lawyers, they came after us to represent us. And the lawyer is supposed to work in accordance to what you want, not what they want.

Robles: Right!

Tekarontake: Now the lawyers are angry because we are not allowing them to make our decisions for us, that we have a mind to make our own decisions and that money is not the important thing to us. And so, now we are supposed to receive this letter that they are officially dropping us.

I spoke with Kahentinetha and told her that my mind is that, to me it is not fight it in the court, but to go to the public, use the media and expose what has been going on, because if this would have been white Americans, the State of NY will be looking at $50 million or $100 million lawsuit, not $3 million, and the people who were guilty of this whole situation would be held accountable.

But because we are native people, we are not their priority. They are willing to just insult us, insult our intelligence and to continue what they’ve always done which is totally disrespect us and throw us a bone with no meat on it.

And they are telling us that if we accept the deal, that we can never go after anybody who is responsible, that we can’t ask for the names and to expose who the people are, who are responsible. But that’s what we want. We want the people who are responsible to be held accountable. Why allow the criminals to get away?

Today Obama is making speeches and so on, and saying that the President of Russia has no right to go into people’s territories and to occupy their lands, and to push their will on these people and so on.

Robles: That’s ridiculous! I'm sorry, but it is disgusting, it is horrible. It makes me feel sick to watch.

Tekarontake: Yes! And everything Obama is saying is exactly what the Americans have done. You know, the British have done this (The Americans are still British!), they can call themselves Americans, but they are not Americans. They are still British. They are still part of Great Britain. Canada is the same. Australia is the same. You know, all of these countries they say they colonized. Well, they have not colonized them. Because colonized means that these are conquered territories.

The thing is that they haven’t conquered anything, they stole them. They’ve never had a war. We have never forfeited or given up any of our birthrights to the invaders. And that shows what they are. They are still invaders.

They can lie to the world what a just country or what a just people they are, but their whole existence and their whole economy has been based on nothing but wars. They supply guns to both sides of a dispute. And that is their whole history – divide these people, make them fight and then, after, you walk in and conquer them.

Robles: I’d like to comment. You said they are British, but they were the dirtiest, rottenest, filthy, unwashed, murderous outcasts and garbage of British society. They were the ones who were expelled from Great Britain. You know, they never washed. They were drunken pigs. And they just started killing the native people.

Tekarontake: Yes! But because of their religion. Their religion gave them the right to do it.

Robles: It gave them the right, because the Catholic Church was supposed to get – what? – 5%. Under the Doctrine of Discovery they were supposed to get 5% of the gold.

Tekarontake: I don’t know what the percentage was but I do know that the Church was behind it, just like the Church is behind so many things yet today.

Robles: The church is still… It has never been rescinded! I am sorry to interrupt. The Doctrine of Discover is still an active document today they have never rescinded any of the orders to annihilate the Indian people.

Tekarontake: That’s right! So, this is what they still continue to this day.

You were listening to an interview with Tekarontake – an elder with the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk nation. That was part 1 of a longer interview.

12 April, 17:03

Part Two: Monsanto Stealing and Patenting Indian Products

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The situation in Ukraine and the policies of the United States internationally with regard to sovereignty, resources and force all have their origins in the founding of the American state on the genocide of the native people and the stealing of their resources, says elder with the Mohawk Nation Tekarontake.

Hello! This is John Robles, I'm speaking with Tekarontake – an elder with the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation. This is part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. You are listening to an interview in progress.


Tekarontake: You can travel all over North America, one of the most wealthiest lands in the world, and yet native people are at the bottom, are stilll the poorest, in just about every one of our communities, those are the only places where socialism is encouraged.

Where our people as individuals, we don't have rights. Only though the corporations that have been established on our territories called tribal councils and band councils that the government recognized, they are the only ones who have the right to make business, control business and so on. And our people are just peasants.

Our people have no rights. The thing is that they give the corporations tax exemption and they are telling our people that we are tax exempt but yet they are trying to tax us.

The thing is that what they did was – we are a nontaxable people and that's our birth right, but they want us to give up our birth right for a privilege they call tax exemption, because if they can give you that exemption, they can take it away.

They want us to alienate ourselves from who we are. But we are not willing to do this. And the thing is that they've stolen so many of our children and put them into residential schools and brainwashed, and took the Indian out of them. And many of the people today, they don't know what their rights are.

They are only now finding out because those of us who have never relinquished this, we continue to fight this and a lot of us are not part of the corporation. Most of the people that are part of corporation, they don't even understand what any of that means. They think that being part of the corporation makes them an Indian. But that's how much the government has confused the people.

There are those of us who continue to adhere to our traditional ways and maintaining the birth right that we've always had, we are continuing to try to educate our own people, as well as the non-native community as to what is really the truth, what is really going on.

So, we continue our stand on this and we maintain our principles and our philosophy. And again we are faced with this situation with the State of New York.

Just a couple months back some of our men were charged supposedly with running an illegal gambling establishment. But there was nothing illegal about what they were doing. And even the federal government and the state admitted that there was no wrongdoing. But they used the corporation to push the issue and got a district attorney to support it and took these men to court. And the state lost. The jury acquitted these men and said that there was no wrongdoing.

Robles: I'm sorry, can you... for our international listeners because a lot of people don't know about the situation with gambling, and tobacco and alcohol tax exemptions and stuff. Can you explain a little bit about how that is on the small areas of land where the indigenous people have been trapped? What their laws are regarding gambling and stuff?

Tekarontake: You see, there was no law against any of these things. There was a case, I believe it was in California, where the court said that the governments had no right to tell our people that they couldn't do these things. And a lot of this gaming industry and tobacco, and all that, it wasn't something our people thought up. Our people always had tobacco. We traded tobacco, we had different types of tobacco, some as trade goods and other tobacco we use for our ceremonies.

So, when the Europeans landed here, that was one of the things our people offered as a trade good, tobacco. And in fact, it was the tobacco that financed the American Revolution.

The thing is that it is not so much the businesses we do. The thing is if our people are going to do a business, and the outside has their hands in our business, then it is okay. As long as the outside get their cut, like the state and the municipalities and the federal government, if everybody gets their share of it there is no problem. But if our people do a business and the outside gets no share of it, then they call it illegal. Basically, it is mafia tactics that they use against our people.

Robles: I'm sorry, let me expand on that from there. We are seeing mafia tactics. If I could, give me a minute here. I'd like to expand on that because it's been bothering me for a while too and it is not just against the native peoples, it is their global policy against everyone. And it is like they've gone insane. I mean, this mafia tactic, now they are threatening the Russian Federation with sanctions, they are threatening other countries with bombing them, they are threatening everybody in the world with something, if they don't give up their resources and give up their sovereignty, and give up their rights.

Tekarontake: That's right!

Robles: And I think it's come to the point where they've gone insane. I don't know what do you want to call it. This delusional exceptionalism they have. They've kept subjugating our people in the US, the native American people, the indigenous peoples, the black peoples, the ancestors, the slaves they treated like dirt as well. That's been contained, but I think that's now spreading outward. And I think now the world in general is starting to see a little bit of the real beast that is…I don't know what else to call them, this cancer that has inhabited North America for..

Tekarontake: It is for over 500 years.

Robles: I mean, the same thing with the sanctions. We are going to take away this unless you give us this gas. You are going to buy this. It almost made me sick a couple days ago to hear Obama say, I don't know if you heard this quote, he said "we are blessed with such wonderful resources." I'm paraphrasing. He said – we are blessed in this country with resources, we want to sell to Europe. And they are telling Europe – you can't buy Russian gas. Russian sells gas to Europe very cheap. And he says – we are going to give you "our" blessed resources. I'm just thinking in my head – those are stolen resources. You are not blessed with anything.

Tekarontake: That's right! The thing is that everything the US and Canada, and all the countries in the western hemisphere, the resources that they claim they own, they don't own it, it is what they've stolen. They stole it from the indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere. And yet the poorest people in the western hemisphere are the indigenous people. And they are telling us that we don't have a right to any of this stuff and that this is theirs. They make a law and then they legislate it, and they say – well, this is the law.

When they came to this land, our people extended a hand of friendship. We extended to them what we call the Two Row Concept, meaning that everyone should treat each other with respect.

And we told them that we would never interfere with their language, their laws, their customs, their traditions, their people or any of these things. They were free to exercise all those things. But the thing they needed to always keep in mind is that this land here is our Mother and that our Mother is a good mother, and that she would take care of them, but to remember that this is our Mother.

And we told them that we will give you the right to go the depth of a plow so that you can sustain yourselves. But it is only to sustain yourself. It does not mean that we have given you the land, the depth of the plow. We allowed you the use of this land. As long as you follow the way of respect, there will be no issue. But as soon as they became large enough in number, as soon as they were able to decimate so many of our communities and our people with their diseases and so on, and put us in a state of poverty, and weakness, they moved in to try to take away everything else that we still had. And they are still trying to do that to us today.

Robles: I'm sorry, if I could, because this is a correlation with what they are doing right now in Ukraine.

Tekarontake: That's right!

Robles: What they are doing right now, they've gone in there and again they made the people believe that if they join the EU, if they join the West, their lives are going to be better. But all these agreements and everything, and these hidden agreements, they are going to completely devastate and impoverish the Ukrainian people.

And the goal there is, again, the resources. They want to sell them gas, they want to make money of these people, they want the gas that is the Russian gas, they to control that, they want to control the territory of Ukraine.

It is the same lying, stealing, cheating game, only now it is 2014 and they've become technologically more sophisticated in packaging their theft, but it is the same thing. Would you agree with that?

Tekarontake: Oh, yes! That's always been the way of thieves.

Robles: And they are not going in there and killing the Ukrainian people, they are getting these neo-Nazis, who they are also using and manipulating, to go in there and kill and terrorize the Ukrainian people.

Tekarontake: Oh, yes! It is like a bacteria, it looks for a place to land. And it starts there and just going to work in its way till it engulfs the whole body, and destroys it, takes the life out of it.

The thing is that they want you to resolve all of their issues. They'll talk about: it's a violation of international law. But the law can't apply to one and not to the other.

And the thing is that they make the rules and say: "Well, we'll tell you who is a nation and who is not a nation, who has sovereignty and what is sovereignty and so on...

They have not even defined anything. Every time they open their mouth, this terminology changes its meaning. Even the language changes its meaning all the time. And they try to acquire intellectual property rights even to people's language, so that they can alter the language so the language will mean something other than what the people know that it has always meant. There is not a thing that they don't try to take total control over.

For instance, our people are the people who cultivated and created a thing called maize or corn. Our people have continued this agricultural life for hundreds of thousands of years. And now, today, companies like Monsanto claim that they own the intellectual property rights to this corn.

One of the native people, he grew corn and it just happened that Monsanto had a corn field not far away and they cross-pollinated. So, the corn kind of changed a bit and so Monsanto sued this native farmer saying that the corn he planted is their corn, because of the cross-pollination. It is ridiculous, suing a native for growing corn, corn that they have grow as far back as anyone can remember.

Robles: Some day you need to sue them for growing corn, for eating corn, because it was the indigenous people that gave them corn and tobacco, and watermelons, and potatoes were not in Europe, tomatoes, certain types were only in North America, what else?

Tekarontake: You know, the thing is that 75% of the world's diet originated out of the western hemisphere. 75% of the medicines that the world uses today also originated out of the western hemisphere. Indigenous people were using all of these things. And many of these things they cultivated, because they didn't grow naturally, like the different beans. There are hundreds of varieties of beans, hundreds of varieties of corn. Tomatoes were a poisonous plant, but our people cultivated it so it could be edible. There are just so many things. There are hundreds of different types of squashes and pumpkins.

But the thing is that what the white man does is when he goes to your land and because we didn't do things the way he did, he starts to register these things, he patents these things, he claims he has the intellectual property rights to these things and he has the property right on this and that.

You take a simple thing like aspirin. Aspirin in its natural form comes from the willow tree. And you boil that and you use that, and it takes away your pain and fever, and other things.

But the white man refines these things and he puts it into a pill, and then he claims it as his. But the thing is – when he refined it, it is no longer like the natural product in its natural form, because the natural form has no side-effects. But when they refine it, yes, it might help you with your fever, it might help you with your aches and pains, but by refining now this stuff eats away your stomach, it eats away other organs…

Robles: That's a great example, because aspirin causes internal bleeding in your stomach. I can't take aspirin.

Tekarontake: That's right! But if you took it in the natural form, it wouldn't do that. So, there are many medicines like this. Quinine…you know, there are just so many.

And even many of the good things that our people did, like gathering and growing of hemp. Our people split the fibers of hemp and made cloth, they made ropes, they made other byproducts, oils and so on. And it was used for good purposes. And you have coca that's been used by indigenous peoples for centuries. And these things never caused the problem.

But when they started creating these hybrids and started refining these things, and making them into powders and so on, and they started to abuse it, now one of the biggest industries in North America and in the world is the drug trade. And they make it sound like it is all these cartels. But who the heck is behind all of this? Who is creating the market for it? The FBI, the CIA....

Robles: Exactly! Look at Afghanistan.

You were listening to an interview with Tekarontake – an elder with the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation. That was part 2 of a longer interview.


June 2014

Russian Hack on Indian Nation Comp Bogus

Two Row Peace Treaty Belts in Museum in St. Petersburg

© Photo Courtesy of Mohawk Nations News

6 June, 2014 10:23

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After recent revelations that the US Government engages in massive hacking, the planting of malware and spyware to gain control and access to computers and engages in massive internet surveillance one has to take all accusations by the US of hacking with a grain of salt.

After the charges against the People's Republic of China on the eve of the recent historic Russian/Chinese negotiations and now with news accusations against Russia, these cyber charges have taken on more of a political character than ever before. Recent unsubstantiated reports of a Russian hacker breaking into a First Nations tribal server are simply an attempt to sow discord between the Russian people and the First Nations people of North America, peoples who are bound by a hundreds year old Peace Treaty, the Two Row Wampum.

According to a representative of the tribal nations of North America, reports of a supposed "Russian hacker attack" on a tribal website are nothing but an attempt to divide an alliance between the Indian nations and the Russian Federation.

Hello, this is John Robles, I am speaking with Tekarontake, he is an elder with the Bear Clan and the Mohawk Nation.

Robles: Hello Sir, how are you this evening?

Tekarontake: I am great John, and I hope you are as well as I am?

Robles: First off, if we could, I would like to get your opinion on these reports that a so-called Russian hacker has attacked a first nation's computer for some reason, a tribal computer in Washington State. What do you make of that?

Tekarontake: Well, it's almost laughable to someone like me. I'm onto to all of the … I write the news every day and so I'm all over all this stuff, and the only time I've seen is a link that you had shown me, and when I start to investigate that they had never mentioned, well number one – what would anyone need from a Tribe Band Council's computer?

I mean, all they're doing is administering the poverty for the Federal Government, who is reneging on every contact it ever had with them.

Why would a Russian hacker go in there – number one? I mean, right off the back it makes no sense, and it's always anti-Russia propaganda through the US, it always has been since the Cold War, and now this Ukraine thing: pure propaganda. I've heard nothing from Indian country.

Robles: Why would they want to? So you haven't heard anything from any of the tribes in Washington or anybody in your network? Because you are following all of the nations' news…

Tekarontake: Yes.

Robles: Why at this juncture, why do you think they are trying to do this right at this point?

Tekarontake: Well, you know, in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, in 2008 Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood up in the House of Commons in Ottawa, and he apologized for the residential school holocaust that occurred here. Thinking he could just apologize for that and it would be good.

He set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, then in 2008, and they've just ended their five-year mandate.

First thing was to develop the truth about what happened, and it's horrifying. So the truth is that the Crown committed genocide, that's what it is.

So now they're onto to the Reconciliation Strategy part, and I went to an event last week, met Chief Justice Murray Sinclair, who is a Cree, but he is also a Supreme Court Judge, so he has taken an oath to The Bar, which makes him no longer a Cree, but anyways he's done some beautiful work, because he's trying to do the right thing, but he said that his mandate was find out the truth about what happened and develop a reconciliation strategy. But he cannot charge the Crown, that is what he said.

So when I talked to him, I said you can't charge the Crown because it's all Admiralty Court in Canada, and that is the Crown because it's controlled through The Vatican, and The Vatican is the Crown, and he's shaking his head, "… yes that's exactly right!"

And I said except the International Court of Arbitration in the Hague is not a Vatican controlled court, not an Admiralty Court, we can charge the Crown there, so we could get a fair trial.

Anything that we do here, in this country, anything in their courts is all fixed, we can never get a fair trial on anything. I know, I just did two of them against the Crown in Federal Court myself, and I can tell you there is no way to beat them in the Admiralty Court, they will not even hear your argument if it's against them. They are not going to try themselves. You are never going to get a fair trial.

Robles: Can you tell us about what happened recently with the Wampum Belts?

Tekarontake: Yes, those Wampum Belts, we did a story on Mohawk Nation News. When my grandfather Etowokoam, he was one of their Chiefs that showed up in London, in 1710, we made Wampum Belts and presented them to all thirteen bloodlines, because we knew about the thirteen bloodlines in 1710.

Then when they made their first United States, it was no coincidence that it was thirteen states. The first flag of the United States is thirteen stars, one for each of the bloodlines, that's the royalty that runs the Vatican, and the Christian Monarchs of Europe that developed the Vatican.

To me, when you start attacking the Vatican like I have, an Indian, and now the truth is out that they're guilty of genocide and also that they're not being charged with genocide, even though they are guilty …

So, if I was in the Vatican, I would be kind of worried, personally, I would think that anything they do with Indians and Russia is to dissuade us from pursuing in a non-Vatican court: which that one that Nicholas set up in the Hague, that is a non-Vatican court, a non-Admiralty Court. It was set up for world peace, and that is what we are about.

We are the sovereign here. No corporation could be a sovereign. It can't happen, that's pretend, that's artificial, a corporation is artificial.

Robles: We discovered some Wampum Belts here in Russia, why were those important?

Tekarontake: They were from 1710, when we came there, and they record, I'm just looking at them: what has to happen is we have to get together with some Russian people.

I know that you had some ambassador in 1710, and he ended up being a writer, and I ask your people at the Peter the Great and see and if they could research his stuff and find out what he wrote about. He was there, so he would have wrote something about that if he was a writer, but I guess it's all in Russian so no-one has gone through it yet I guess. That would be very interesting for me.

Those Wampum Belts are recording, I'm looking at them, and they show: the arrows coming from one way that would be us. The arrows coming from the other way; that would be you guys, and the Peace being that's why we were there… So that's what the Wampum Belts are about.

But again, we need to have a group of us around to discuss this Wampum Belt with some Russians and some Mohawk people, the same way it was made. It was made like that. It would be a recording of what we were discussing, and it was about peace that we were talking – peace on earth. So this is historic, a peace conference...

Robles: So this was the first to …?

Tekarontake: The first peace conference anywhere in the world for anyone. We came there to spread the peace.

After the Great Peace of Montreal with France in 1701, that's an ancient Iroquois thing, and from that we developed the Two Row Wampum that we took over to Albany, to the British.

So in July 1701, June 1701, June 25th, that was the finalization of the Great Peace of Montreal. We were now… we buried all of our weapons under the tree of peace with France and all her allies, and then went down in July, a month later, to Albany and gave the Two Row to the British, and said: "You are welcome to come and settle in Ontario", and that's the only reason they ever came to Ontario, at our invitation.

And so, they came, and now they pretend none of that ever happened, and that they are the sovereign.

Robles: Can you tell us about your case that's coming up, that you are trying raise awareness for and raise funds for and promote, that's going to take place at the court in The Hague?

Tekarontake: I'm talking with a few different people in the Iroquois Confederacy, because we are the sovereign here, we want to charge the Crown with genocide just for what they did to our children in that aboriginal school holocaust. Unbelievable what they did to us, and it still affects our children to this day.

So we want them charged with genocide, and so we are going to do that, and so there is a lot of money and expenses. So I'm just trying to raise some capital, access some funding to be able to do this. I know what it takes, it's not hard but it takes time. You'd have to travel to The Hague and get a… There's a lot of things that need to be done. So that's what the monies that we need.

Personally I'm willing to do everything myself, if I don't have any help and I will, because I need to do that for my grandchildren. Because no more, we are not going through the same war, the 500-year war called colonialism is almost over. We are almost there.

We are the sovereign and that's the key.

Robles: Where or how could people support the case if they want to, financially or otherwise? Maybe there are some good lawyers out there who might be willing to give their time something?

Tekarontake: I would love if there was a good lawyer who would help, that really does want to do something. I don't know, maybe you have them over there in Russia, they don't exist over here.

Anyone who has taken an oath to The Bar has taken an oath to the City of London bankers. That's what people don't understand. That's why you could never get a lawyer, because they've taken an oath to The Bar, and The Bar is the City of London bankers.

Robles: I see. Now you mentioned it's crashing down around them, and you mentioned something about the Bilderberg meeting, where they said their New World Order is coming to an end. Why is that?

Tekarontake: They keep going on about a New World Order, but it's all old, there's nothing new about it, it's all old world order. And it's the old world order that's crashing down, and I guess they just figured they would continue with this old world with a new mask, a corporate mask? I suppose that was their idea.

But it's not working out for them, and they talked about, mainly about Russia, Ukraine, about everything falling apart.

They were trying to take down the Russian Empire since the Cold War ended, and that's what that whole Ukraine thing that they set up. We all know about false flags. You know they can't do anything anymore, and that's all they ever done, nothing but false flags.

I loved what Putin did at the Olympics, showing what Russia's given to humanity and history. If America was to do the same, they've given humanity war and genocide, nothing else. One after the other, and that's what they do. What they did when they came in 1779, people think they had an American Revolution, it never happened.

If you just look at 1776, 77, 78, the biggest army Washington had up till 1778, he had 1,500 men and he crossed the Delaware in December 1778. That was the biggest army he had, and he beat the Hessian, who were paid mercenaries, so they were paid to lose, and then one month later General Sullivan amasses 12,800 troops, cavalry, and he marches on Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy, to do one thing – to chop down the tree of peace. And they, just like in Avatar, that tree was 3,000 years old; they chopped it down. And they turned the Constitution of Peace into the Constitution of War.

And they just copied the Kaienerekowa, instead of a Council of Women they put in a Senate, instead of a Council of Men they put in a Congress. Then they just put a hierarchal president over it all, like a Roman Emperor sort of, so it really doesn't matter because you've got this guy and he will do what he wants. So it's just ridiculous, it's not democracy, it's nothing to do with it.

So that's really … people think well the American Revolution never happened. Americans have never been free from the bankers of London and still are run and owned by them, outright.

Robles: There was a kind of a black joke, I guess you would call it, at the end of the Soviet Union, when the country started falling apart and people were falling into despair with unemployment and poverty this was after the Soviet Union collapsed, and some people would say: "Well you wanted America, you got it!" And I'm thinking about the people in Ukraine, these people that supposedly wanted the West and wanted America, and look what's happening there now?

Tekarontake: You get America. You get war you get war, death, disease, destruction, and debt. That's what you get from America nothing else, what else could you get from them? There's no good way to look at it.

It's getting worse every day in America, and they will paint whatever picture they want. Remember the Bilderberg own the media, all of it, they have everything controlled they think, but they don't control all the Internet, and that's all they've been trying to do with this new TPP and all these other things.

But you know what, and you say about Russia, I think I mentioned I've just read Nicholas and Alexandra, it's the most amazing story I've ever read, to tell you the truth, you know it really is. And what a phenomenal history you guys got. I hope you guys are doing something about the hundred year anniversary of World War 1 starting in July.

Austro-Hungary attacked Serbia, ancient Russian … I mean Constantine was from Serbia, he was Russian, they all speak Russian. Within one month of the war starting Austro-Hungary doesn't even exist anymore, and Russia marches on Prussia, and this is phenomenal history, which we are never taught this at school.

Canada always goes on about the, not even a 100 thousand men they lost in World War 1, and Britain goes on about 900 thousand. But reading that book, and Nicholas lost 1.8 million Russians in the first year, in 1914. Nobody talks about that.

Robles: It's the same thing with World War II.

Tekarontake: The same thing with WWII and Napoleon. So then, I started looking at that, I'm thinking: "What's going on, why do they always attack Russia?" And it goes right back to the Vatican splitting off the Christian Church in 900 AD, and setting up shop in Rome, calling themselves Roman Catholics; they're really just Freemason devil worshippers. Just look at the Vatican, it's all masonic, they got all those statues, and they got those obelisks from Egypt, all kinds of masonic stuff the whole thing.

Robles: Well it makes you wonder, with the Doctrine of Discovery which was just a license to commit genocide for gold.

Tekarontake: Yes.

Robles: How could it be some spiritual, or how could they even talk about God?

Tekarontake: Right, that's a fact. Right, they are the devil. They are the devil worshippers and the Revelations, again I'm not a Christian, but in Revelations they talk about the false church, and the Catholic Church is the false church.

Constantine was Russian, the capital of Rome was Constantinople, the capital of the Church was Kiev "Russia" Ukraine didn't exist. Kiev, Russia, always was Kiev, Russia, in those days.

To me it's quite clear why Napoleon attacked through the Vatican, and then why Hitler attacked through the Vatican and now Obama is attacking through the Vatican? What is going on Obama?

Robles: We are almost out of time here. One more time, fill us in, what's your view on this hacker attack, and then if you could give us some details about how people could support the case and what's going on with it?

Tekarontake: Well the hacker attack, pure blatant …like I wouldn't even respond to it if I was you guys because they are just throwing out some bait seeing if they can get you to bite or something. They are trying to develop some anti-Indian and anti-Russian, divide the Mohawk-Russian Alliance, that's what they are trying to divide.

You found the Wampum Belt, that makes you our ancient ally. You predate the colonies, the thirteen colonies, you predated that by 70 years, they didn't even exist, when we already had a treaty belt with you, and it's in place, and people can see it.

I'm not making this up. We are one sovereign, you are another, we have an ancient alliance. It's about that. They are trying to kibosh any of that, to get natives turned against you right now

Robles: I see. Where can people go to find out about, maybe possibly donate, or maybe we have an international lawyer out there who could help?

Tekarontake: Please, I have a website, its Tekarontake dot ws. That's my website.

This is John Robles, I was speaking to Mr Tekarontake, he is an elder with the Bear Clan in the Mohawk nation. He is also a journalist and a contributor to Mohawk Nation News dot com.

Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.





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