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Since I am working for you I am informing you of my work, articles, projects, exposés and releases for November that you may have missed:

My main release for the month was the Illuminati list. It is important because of the source. It was provided by an anonymous hacktivist and was found on the computer of a USAF General who has access to Area 51. In order to understand who is really controlling the world it is important to know their names. Almost all are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). I have written code into the page to make it difficult to copy but will send you a free copy upon request in either pdf or docx format. 


The massive amount of information we have received over the last month amounts to about 100Gbs, this is above and beyond all of the information we received from the WikiLeaks Podesta releases and includes raw files and data from the internal servers and personal computers of the Rothschild family, the Rockefellers and many highly placed US/Ukrainian and even Russian government officials including Colin Powell and three ex-CIA directors. In keeping with journalistic principals we do not just simply release everything but are trying to go through it and use the information to write revealing articles and make a real contribution to the public dialogue. From the information contained which we are still processing we have come to several new conclusions regarding events from the JFK assassination to the illegal wars the US has been engaged in at a heightened rate since 911, those are detailed in part here:  http://www.jar2.com/Topics/NWO.html.

If you researched 9-11 you over course hear about the PNAC and their RAD document but did you know there was an Israeli MOSSAD sponsored document? You can find that here. That document and the internal files we received from members of the 911 Report Commission and several other revelations recently made public and recently sent to us brings us to the conclusion that 911 was a Rothschild MOSSAD Neocon Saudi CIA shadow Government operation to bring about the endless wars needed to meet the objectives of the Zionists and the PNAC ideologues who have basically taken over the US Government. Internal documents from the computers of several members of the 911 Commission provided to us show the scripted nature of the Commission’s findings. We also published the missing 28 pages in full. You can read more here: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/911.html

The SOROS files which we have also released and many other pieces of information that has come to our attention ties SOROS to the Rothschilds and the ZIONISTS making the existence of REX 84 even more pressing especially as the Soros sponsored riots and public unrest have been allowed to continue unabated. Rex 84 is here:


These are people who are guilty of treason to the United States and the American people and all free people of the world.

Thanks to the Podesta e-mails a never before seen level of evil has been revealed among the US and Washington elites, with serial child molestation and Satanic rituals just the beginning. Files we have tying Colin Powell to the Bohemian Grove, plus the Epstein black book show the level of evil that has been allowed to spread like a cancer throughout the US and the US Government. The involvement of top CIA figures like George HW Bush and statements by MKULTRA survivors and others connected to the Clintons, Barry Seal and their ties to Watergate which was in fact an operation to hide information regarding the JFK assassination prove that it was the CIA and the Rothschilds who killed JFK because he wanted to introduce new currency outside of Rothschild Fed control and wanted to stop the Vietnam war. Some of the Clinton crimes can be found here, including proof that she is being controlled by European Rothschilds amounting to the crime of treason. Here:


There was so much information regarding “PizzaGate” that we have made a page on the matter. This was important because this information keeps getting taken down in the US. Here: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Pedo_File.html

and here: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Epstein_Pedo_Black_Book.html

Due to the sheer amount of information we will be releasing raw data here in stages: http://www.jar2.com/Files/Leaks/Raw_Leaks.html

Analysis of open source information and several hidden mistakes by MSM media outlets allowed us to state categorically that US elections are a farce and are not elections at all but simply “selections”. The level of electronic vote fraud and the ease with which the Soros owned machines are manipulated we will try to document further here:


We were extremely active on several social justice issues during the month most importantly in attempting to stop World War III and supporting the rights of the Sioux as they struggle to protect their land and water from the globalists.




My personal struggle in Russia dealing with the corruption and the 5th column which has taken my son away can be seen here and it is very important to note that this material has not been taken down or blocked in Russia and there has been no request to remove anything because it is all TRUE! The most stunning thing was that I believe the same ring that set up my son also recently killed the son an ex-FSB major and no one has commented on that although the information is being investigated. I am still trying to do everything I can to free my son but it is hard with no money.



At the beginning of the month and through October we had intel that Clinton was going to go ahead with plans to begin World War III, which we may have helped to prevent. Our effort was here:  


We now have over 15,000 real followers on Twitter and are developing Twitter as it continues to be a platform that has not censored any of our material. My Twitter is here: https://twitter.com/JohnARobles

I am also making videos which can be seen here:


Including my commentary of the tragic passing of Fidel Castro here:


During November I wrote a letter to Andrey Bistritsky the former Chairman of the Voice of Russia who knew about the 5th column and was friends with McFaul but he has ignored it so far letter an interview where he mentions me as a Che Guevara can be seen here:


As you see I have been working hard and for a small independent publisher we are doing a lot so I ask you donate anything to help keep us alive. We need only 30 people who can give $8 a month to stay alive and keep the site running which is all I am trying to do. Please donate to Sber Visa 4276 3800 4543 8756 or Qiwi 79651315479 or Yandex Money on the site here:



John Robles II

December 1, 2016

Moscow Region, Russia    





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