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  Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее.

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Intro: The real blog of real asylees. This is the only voice we have!

What you are reading is a partial public record of illegal organized MI6, CIA and FBI Gang Stalking and targetting of the first American with asylum in the Russian Federation. Everything here should cause outrage but is ignored by the global MOCKINGBIRD media.

John is a journalist and a staunch critic of the US Government and the CIA who has exposed tens of thousands of Western Agents facilitating the creation of WikiLeaks and the Snow Den Operation in order to protect the US Government and the Zionist entity from having to answer for their crimes, chiefly and first-and-foremost the False Flag Attack that was 9/11.

The Zionist controlled United Nations and all "Western" international humanitarian and legal bodies intentionally ignore John's struggle but he is certain that in the end the truth will win.

For security concerns many of the previous pages of this blog have been removed from public access. but will be placed back on-line soon.

The fact that you have never heard of John or his family is a testament to the racist nature of all international bodies responsible for protecting Asylees, journalists and whistleblowers.

Although Russia has given John and his family asylum no public figure will ever admit to our existence or our plight and unfortunately his family failed to be protected. Only the People's Republic of China has admitted that John is a whistleblower.

Although John has had asylum since 2007 and he was the lead announcer at the Voice of Russia World Service in English as well as an investigative journalist and lead announcer representing the Russian World, CIA Avatar Edward Greenberg is "the asylee" even though Snowden has never had asylum in Russia he is the only American the international bodies and Russia choose to pay attention to which has allowed for the targetting and the destruction of the Robles family detailed on this blog.

As an American Indian with Spanish blood and a Representative of the Confederacy of Indian Nations John has attempted to establish ties with the Russian Government for the Nations but has also been largely ignored by Spain, the 9/11 Truth Movement and activists of every kind. No matter what John has stuck to his convictions and again knows that in the end TRUTH will win.

Please support the site and John's fight.  - Thank You

Update: Just to be clear it is the Chabad Lubavich CIA/MI6 controlled and installed mafia in Moscow that John came up against. They have infiltrated the Russian Government and the Russian World under the label of "Liberalism". Since they control the media, much of the judiciary and the government they are able to get away with almost anything. This is the hidden, secret and most dangerous threat to Russian National Security in existence but we are certain these New World Order Zionist mafia lunatics will be stopped. - Thanks

Update Two: Everything on this blog is clear evidence of ongoing Psychological Operations against John and his family and being a thousand times worse than what Hawkins has been through should have been condemned long ago by the United Nations given John's official asylum status, but the United Nations has been quiet on the Robles Family since day one. This is understandable as in their own words they are controlled by the USA. Simply not being allowed to see his children and having his son imprisoned constitutes torture and this is just a small part of what John is being put through.

We have asked the Russian authorites to protect John and his family and guarantee their basic human rights to be free from persecution and simply be allowed to live normal lives like all other Russians, but they continue to try to ignore his family's plight and continue to refuse to grant them citizenship even though John has two daughters who are Muscovites and has served the Russian State and President Putin for decades. Every request is simply ignored like the one below from 2016. When the real level of John's contribution to the Russian State is known it will be more than scandalous.

 Insurance Files 22 Years: We told you: "JUST DIE ALREADY!"

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NEW 07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files Released in Full


NEW Internet Was Down  

August 20, 2019 - We had to come back to deal with our Internet being down for some unexplained reason. Will be back on the 22nd.

NEW MOSSAD/ASTEROIDS Rothschild Death Grip is Loosening  

August 14, 2019 - We will be taking a week off. We have been on-line 24/7 for over 3 years now. We hope you continue to visit JAR2 and invite you to take the time to go through the archives and our curated leaks, articles and files.

I wanted to leave you all with one quick word about Epstein and the PedoFiles but given the endless multiple layers of facts compounded by endless obfuscations and yet even more layers of facts gleaned from the distractions and rabbit hole detours leading to nowhere being put out by fake "Alternative" sites and the presstitute MOCKINGBIRD media, a "quick word" is not possible. The permutations are endless and I will be taking the week to put all of the pieces of the puzzle where they belong. Everything is here on JAR2 and in my files, it is just too much to process quickly and shoot off an article that it is MOSSAD who was behind the entire affair.

First don't believe everything you read in the Western Press and if you watch the news and follow world events as much as I do then hopefully you have learned to ignore the propaganda and lies and see through the media charade and if not learn to do so.

In all of my investigations, research for my reports and articles and all of the millions of files I have poured through over the last two decades or more, there are always certain facts that stand out, and as an investigator will tell you, it is usually in one simple overlooked fact that conspiracies are unraveled. For me that fact was contained in a report I read decades ago and which will be revealed later. However all of the facts below support my conclusion and I will leave you with a few seeds for thought.

1. It is no coincidence the FBI has now classified "Conspiracy Theories" as terrorism.

2. Trump is just as guilty and is even dirtier than Clinton and they actually serve the same master. Which of course you already know and if you have been keeping up is the same entity which brought you the WikiLeaks entrapment operation.

3. MI6, the FBI and the CIA are trying to lay everything on MOSSAD's doorstep. However they are also involved and there is no way they were not.

4. I mentioned the Asteroids in the Seth Rich articles I wrote and this is where almost all roads lead. The ASTEROIDS started as an assassination team for Rothschild and World Bank Security. Now they have become so powerful that they can in fact be compared to the intelligence agency of a large nation state. The ASTERODS members and operatives exist outside of any nations laws and until there is a global, independent judicial body with teeth they will continue to amass power. However they are extremely weakened now and now is the time to strike. Their main tool was the blackmailing and "kompromat" they had on the elites and their main funding comes from the American machine which they have almost sucked dry. 

5. 96% of USA Lawmakers are pedophiles or sex criminals.

6. The same group that killed for the Clinton's took out Seth Rich and now Epstein. They are also responsible for 9/11, MKULTRA and the Kennedy Assassination as Dr. Kevin Barret pointed out. They staged the Moon Landing Hoax and the WikiLeaks entrapment Operation. They are multi-national and use elements in all of the Black Operations and Covert Divisions of the FVEY countries (which includes Israel), they had a base in Eritrea and are in fact above the Black Operations Communities. They serve the Corporations and the World Power Pyramid and the key is Rothschild who wants to rule the world. They have elements in all Intelligence Agencies even in Russia. Just look for the leaders of special joint operations. You will begin to unravel the ASTEROIDS network. SIPRNET and the New Network we exposed not long ago are their principle means of communications. Crypto currencies are now their latest means for laundering their Black Money, including lucre from the global heroine trade. They are above NATO and their elements can also be found among rogue GLADIO elements and PAPERCLIP figures.

To call them CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, Illuminati or Zionist is disingenuous. These are walls and endless rabbit holes for investigators. They are the New World Order and Bruce Gagnon is the closest, they are Nazis. Ahskenazis. Yet they are much more evil because even Hitler and the Nazis were their creation. They are categorically against Russia and historically responsible for the slaughter of the Romanovs. 

7. Pizzagate and Epstein, according to the legal documents we released, were in fact being investigated heavily after the release of Epstein's Little Black Book, proving Pizzagate and Pedogate are real.

8. Epstein may be in the USA's Federal Witness Protection Program.

9. The fact that a judge released documents points to the possibility that there are judicial instruments NOT under their control.

10. No one is above the law. Expect us. Tick-Tock beAches)))

When we come back we will tear apart the Color Revolution attempts here in Russia and finish our investigation and conclusions the AAS and more!

If you need to contact me send a message to my cell +7-965-131-5479 or message me on VK https://vk.com/johnrobles2

Keep your eyes on the ball: 9/11 was an INSDIE JOB!

NEW Ukraine Anti-Constitutional Nazi Coup and Genocide a MOCKINGBIRD Op  

August 09, 2019 - Since 2013 when I was on the air covering the first hours of the Maidan, I have never ceased to be amazed at the alternate reality in which what has proven to be a truly psychotic "Western" media, exists. Journalism and truth for the West have truly become an Atavism as is proven every single day by the CIA/NATO fabricated low intensity war created in Ukraine.

The reality that innocent civilians are being killed in Donbass to support a CIA concocted military grade psychological media operation as an indirect attack on the Russian Federation, in a sane world, would have had Ukraine begging Russia for protection from the USA and NATO, but Ukraine was taken over from the inside by puppets who supported the CIA fabricated fake reality and whose fate will soon be mercilessly determined.

I regret to have to say that we are dropping posts by zerohedge to a minimal level if any due to the following fact twisting propaganda fabrication. 

Ukraine's Zelensky Presses Putin For Peace Talks After Four Soldiers Killed      

Zerohedge used to be a good source for honest reporting and truth but it has gone the way of many other alternative outlets by politicizing its reporting in a shameful a$$ kissing, boot licking, pandering, racist subservient manner to Trump and the racist global anti-Russian agenda. Again I remind the fact-challenged western "reporters" that Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine. The CIA brought nazis to power in an illegal, unconstitutional coup and those nazis then started slaughtering those against them and ethnic Russians for their CIA masters. I suggest you read my book Nuland's Nazis, which is filled with facts nobody wants you to know.


Fake "Color" Revolutions vs Real Revolutions or "My Beliefs Are Not for Sale"

Не будьте идиотоми и верьте в пропаганду Госдепа - Don't be an idiot and believe in State Department propaganda
Оставайтесь дома. Прочитайте книгу. Помогите пенсионерке. Дайте приют бездомной кошке. Посадите дерево. Очистите улицу или подъезд. Скажите своим близким, что вы их любите. Сходите в церковь. Посетите музей. Отправляйтесь на прогулку на природу. Сходите на концерт. Зачем разрушать свою жизнь, будучи арестованными за политические амбиции агентов Гос Деп? Они любят Россию? Они за вас переживают? Хоть каплю? Они бы пошли на протест в поддержку вас даже, если тебя убили ? Не будьте идиотами!
Мир вам всем!!!)))

August 05, 2019 02:29 - I was recently asked by a Russian person if my belief in Communism in my youth was because I was "misled". I stated no it was not and went on to explain how now the 1% rule the 99%. As often is the case the perfect answer just came to me. Two days later! However in it I have finally been able to formulate into one simple idea what the entire problem is right now not only in Russia but around the world and why exactly it is that the elites and the CIA and other intelligence agencies continue to foment and support color revolutions, which as is the case in Moscow, are only for the purpose of allowing "elites" to get their hands on state wealth.

Color revolutions kill true revolutionary spirit and draw into their vortex many people who are dissatisfied but unfocussed. This kills true revolutionary spirit, but that is not what I had wanted to say exactly although the thought is valid.

My answer to such a statement and the entire problem I have had here in Russia can be defined by two simple facts and I have to thank this person for opening my eyes to it.

We, in our yearning for social justice and peace and equality were ready to die for the ideas of Communism. We risked death and could have been killed for being members of the party or worse as I was, a flag bearer or "militant" of the party.

Yes we were killed and were ready to die for our ideas and beliefs unlike many of the Soviet era Russians, especially Muscovites, who would have suffered had they NOT been members of the party and who were in the Komsomolets and "militants' of the party to obtain social status or favorable living conditions and perks (not all of course but the majority or else the USSR would not have collapsed).

Of course this person was convinced their belief was "mistaken" as it was not their belief to begin with. For me I was and am ready to die for my beliefs and that is the difference between real revolutionary spirit and fake McDonald's eating revolutionary spirit for hire, which is what the USAID and the CIA foment wherever they happen to be.

You can not kill a real idea just as you can not kill truth. However the phony little ideas pushed by 5th columns are fake and serve the "elites" and there is the soft spot, there is their weak link, there is the Achilles heal which can be used to destroy their entire phony culture. With one truth. We are all equal under God. All we need to do is educate the youth so that this truth and all truths are self-evident from the start.

Good Night,


PS Were the youth of yesterday taught properly and not had their heads filled with Liberal crap and Western garbage, I can guarantee you that they would not be running in the streets like thugs and zombies ready to defend some spoiled little Western educated rich brat who was not allowed to run for a minor city office killing her grandiose and long-term political ambitions.

PPS Just to make what I said absolutely clear about being ready to die for ideals. A real ideal, real truth is self-evident. By its very nature it calls forth such devotion. No one should be ready to protest, or clash with police or even get slightly injured for such a ridiculous reason as supporting some unknown, unpopular and completely fabricated candidate who came out of nowhere and did not meet the criteria to run for a small local office. None of these "candidates" have a platform or a plan or are even well-known. CIA color revolutions always fail in this regard (having ideological teeth) because the inherent idea behind them is always easy to spot, either consciously or intuitively. CIA color revolutions always have one goal only. The removal of one person or group of people from power with the subsequent replacement with a puppet. No amount of money can buy a puppet who truly believes in the lies they tell the people.

Real revolutions give power to the country and its people. Therefore any and every outside initiated or controlled revolution can only be seen as fake. As with Bolotnaya and all of the other CIA orchestrated color revolutions, the MKULTRA sex triggers are used (LGBT et al), psychotropic substances are introduced and the goal is only removing the leader, Putin in the case of the dreamed of Maidan in Moscow and now Sobyanin is targetted.

The Russian Government has filed a protest with the USA and Germany for interference in internal affairs, meaning this is a joint CIA run operation. I am very happy that the Russian Government is finally waking up and taking steps to protect the State, the country and the Russian people.

As for me I served the USSR and will continue to serve the Russian Federation so that she may be independent, strong and maintain her own sovereignty, culture and identity and so that she never becomes another US colony but rises to the position in the world she deserves.     

Again for those who didn't get it. The "demonstrations" in Moscow are not grass-roots actions, nor do they have popular support. Most of the "protestors" are not even Muscovites. Can you imagine if Russia paid protestors from Colorado to travel to Chicago to take part in demonstrations over a city council seat? That is what the CIA idiots have done and it is obvious, childish and completely ridiculous. 


Celebrating and Investigating: Will be back Saturday or Sunday   

August 02, 2019 - Very disappointed in all of you except the Russians, the Swedes and a couple of anonymous Westerns who wish not ot be identified.. The rest of you all suck up Terabytes of data every month but you can't donate the cost of a cup of coffee. We are on-line right now thanks to Russia and Sweden and a couple unknowables. Pay attention to the USAID page. Things will soon be revealed that will turn your stomach.

The Ongoing Genocide of Russians is Real   

August 01, 2019 - New post on the password protected blog.


Why Would the Director of the British Council (MI6) Be Interested in Me? 

July 29, 2019 - New post on the password protected blog. Plus Nicole Junkerman (MOSSAD) and Ghislane Maxwell (MOSSAD).

(Some facts the article missed.)


Small CIA Backed Provocation and Destabilization Effort Over in Moscow

BurgerFest in Gorky Park Lacked Scorpion Songs but Continues the Cultural Genocide of Russia

July 28, 2019 - The first thing that must be reported here is that these were NOT demonstrations. They were part of a carefully planned and organized provocation and media promoted psychological operation with the goal being the only goal the so-called Russian "opposition" has: to discredit President Putin and the government and attempt to install puppets.

This time the attempt to install puppets was in the Moscow City Duma, a springboard to higher federal level political positions and a cozy way to manipulate the monied classes, enter the criminal bribe pyramid, qualify for secret CIA and Western funding and reach what is called in Russia "the feeder".

These "protests" were not in any way grass-roots or widely supported. The largely unknown candidates with no real political capital, no track records, and parties with no platforms, no plans and no issues they are fighting for "other than subverting Russia further and turning it into a little America", were simply "candidates" that did not qualify taking to the streets using disaffected youth, paid groups and fringe elements who show up at any protest for anything, and the "events" were in fact simply self-serving in nature.

The attempt to use unknown players and so called candidates whose funding is secretly channeled through existing CIA rat-lines shows the desperation of the CIA and even their use of a Sobchak look-alike stinks to high-heaven of the racist blonde stereotype that the West is trying to promote.

One of the banned "candidates", Gudko, went so far as to confess openly that an attempt was underway at overthrowing the government. Openly stating that he was committing treason shows not only an exit plan but his belief that he is protected by some "higher-power". This idiot may have been a deputy at one time and even a former KGB colonel but he is completely and totally unheard of in Russia. Of course his "CIA controllers" don't know that. Him fighting alongside known puppets like Yashin, who even tried to cause a "rising up" of extremist Chechen elements in order to take down Ramzan Kadirov and was caught openly fabricating stories about Chechnya in 2015, makes it clear who he serves. If he ends up asking for asylum in Ukraine like Pnamarev we will know for certain. No doubt the FSB knows and someone else no doubt made a note of the attempted overthrow statement, but we will have to see if anything happens.

After being disqualified from running the assorted candidates began attempting to lead protest actions to serve their own interests and the Internal Ministry beginning last Thursday, began warning the public over the consequences of carrying out disruptive and illegal public activities. The protestors were warned so the arrest of over one thousand people can in no way be a surprise or said to be some sort of "crackdown" on protest. However these phony self-serving US funded puppets, like Navalny (CIA Agent Freedom) who did not even run for President but had an Election Office and was taking donations and being promoted by the CIA media and his CIA controllers (a template used by CIA South America Desk and Guido), have now seen that a crackdown has occurred on their treason.

To be perfectly honest, other than the moneyed, I-Phone carrying, US visa wanting, "I love America" class, Russians are completely sick and tired of the Liberals and their constant self-serving whining when there are real issues and real problems that must be solved and fought for.

Again these were not grass-roots actions. The only thing missing from the CIA playbook were OTPOR style fist logos.

While using unknown figures with almost no wide public support and no blocs or masses who they lead, might look good for the fake news factory and Russophobic "Russia and Putin are Evil" fabricators, all it does inside Russia is irritate and rally the masses behind President Putin and cause thousands of innocent people stupid enough to fall for calls to take to the streets (or in fact paid for) to be added to the rolls of those with criminal records.

With multiple warnings by the MVD, and no real issues to fight for, logically anyone showing up would have another reason. Namely being hired to.

As for unknown Gudkov, who stated that those who failed to protect him (their leader) were not humans while admitting he was taking part in an attempt to illegally overthrow the government, perhaps he will be the CIA's next Solzhenitsyn? But I doubt it. Nobody that stupid could be of use to the CIA. Or perhaps the CIA is even stupider than he is? Disgusting.

I think here it is important, although for me personally dangerous, to add that it is candidates like these who have raped Moscow and turned it into what it is today. Seeing that Sobyanin was not on board and seeing that Rogozin has actually made known what I have been saying for years (regarding media ops and those ordering them), coupled with the real arrests and dismantling of the criminal CIA installed and controlled machine that has turned Moscow into what one of my students referred to as a "10 grade science project" attempting to make it into a little America, perhaps there is hope that somehow Moscow may be returned to the glorious and wonderful capital of the Russian World that it once was.

According to the Liberals, clearly stated by Gudkov, and clearly demonstrated by policies and mechanism installed to punitively punish those not with it with the "turn Moscow into little America "hidden" agenda, anyone who doesn't support them are "NOT PEOPLE". So what are we? Colorado beetles?

Here is the quote: «Граждане России! В Москве — госпереворот. К власти рвется хунта. Она подрывает конституционные основы России. Ваши кандидаты задержаны: Яшин, Жданов, Дм. Гудков, Янкаускас. Отправляйтесь в ОВД, поддержите их. Если народ не может защищать и поддерживать своих лидеров — это не народ!» — сказал он.

"Citizens Of Russia! In Moscow — there is a coup. A junta is trying to grab power. It undermines the constitutional foundations of Russia. Your candidates are detained: Yashin, Zhdanov, DM. Gudkov, Yankauskas. Go to the police Department, support them. If a nation cannot protect and support its leaders — it is not a nation!" he said.

Источник: http://dnr24.su/mirovoe-soobschestvo/27056-v-rossii-zayavili-o-popytke-gosudarstvennogo-perevorota.html

In classic CIA and American fashion he called the sitting authorities a coup while projecting the real coup attempts actions on the targets of the coup. The classic use of transference only used by the idiot American CIA and their agents.

And NOW for the MAIN EVENT!!!

On the same day the real Disneyland conversion of Moscow continues unhindered with "BurgerFest" in Gorky Park. "BurgerFest"? In Gorky Park? Just like the 80s when Gorky PArk was the focus of the USSR destroyers. If you visit Moscow you will see what I mean. My former "Voice of Russia colleagues" who were part of the 5th column, one who saw everything that was being done (Svetlana Ekimenko) and one who was so brainwashed he actually did a radio program saying Che Gevarra killed Kennedy because he wanted to boink Jackie-O, will pronounce Russian metros station with phoney British accents in a mind killing attempt to make the metro "attractive to Europeans" while MKULTRAing the population into fantasizing they are in Little America and not Moscow the capital of the greatest country on Earth.  

"Бургерфест" и семейный фестиваль в Москве за полдня посетили более 250 тыс. человек

"Бургерфест" и семейный фестиваль в Москве за полдня посетили более 250 тыс. человек

Continue as you were. Soon they will outlaw Victory Day. Or not. The level of arrests would indicate that the patience of those of us who see what the Western backed puppets are doing is running out. Remember it was not the Communists who killed the Romanovs, it was the Liberals backed by the West. And they are still doing the same thing today. What we need in Moscow is PelminiFest, or BorschFest or MushroomFest.

McDonald's revenues must be down, because in the end for the Russophobe American loving class, it is only about the money and they would sell their children for a dollar.

Sorry Liberals but I would rather starve than support your sh!t.

UPDATE 30-07-2019: Most of these "protestors" were not from Moscow. I don't think it really requires any commentary other than stating the fact which speaks for itself. The only real variant here might be that non-Muscovites are tired of the impossibility to access all of the services that Muscovites have but that is not the reaon for these protests and the complete and total absence of pickets and signs makes it a very strange action indeed. Again these were not protests it was a carefully orchestrated provocation against the State.

In case you were not following the news, the Internal Ministry warned about holding unsanctioned actions multiple times days beofre these "actions" started. It is strange that no one was protesting BurgerFest. However it is not strange that they were timed to city-sponosred actions PROMOTING FAMILY. The Western LGBTPQINBD etc lunatics will do anything to destroy family values and solid social foundations. In that I think you will find the truth. Even the BurgerFest idea tookover the FAMILY DAY activities that had been planned by Moscow. Whoever planned the two events on the same day would be a person of interest with the obvious implication that FAMILY and Burgers must be seen to go together. This is corporate Western social engineering in action, right here in the heart of Russian, again McDonald's sales must be down.

Destroying the family unit and making it a slobering burger eating retarded entity is one of the first steps of the New World Order, but apparently nobody is really paying attention, and THAT my friends is the entire problem.

Should I mention the "protectionist" agreements McDonald's had with former Mayor Luzhkov? Is destroying Russian society and the wonderful Russian character of Moscow for profit and turning it into a "little America" while turning Russian society into a burger-eating-I-phone-using-Western-garbage-sucking-culture of zombies of any interest to anyone other than myself. I don't think so. It is extremely depressing to see what my beloved Moscow has become. I am sure the police know what I am talking about, it is really time for State Security to take measures to protect and educate the populace.  

Follow the link for more photos. The author tried to say the police were brutal and using force. However his own pictures prove that to be a lie. He has obviously never seen an illegal demonstration in America. The police were restrained and professional as usual. Most of the crowd did not look like Muscovites and some of the faces looked so stupid I don't even know if they knew what they were doing.


We Serve the Truth, Please Support the Fight

July 25, 2019

Dear Friend,

My best wishes to you all the way from (a bunker somewhere in the North of Russia).

There is a war going on, a global war where every single one of you is a target. It is an undeclared war. It is an illegal, covert, unconventional, aggressive war and the target is your mind. The goal is your enslavement and if necessary your elimination. This is not a drill or a test of the emergency broadcast system; this is the reality we have allowed ourselves to enter into. They call it Full Spectrum Dominance; I call it complete and total slavery.

Their weapons are all around you; your computer, your cell, your television, your stereo, your GPS device, your surveillance cameras, your refrigerator and anything else you may have connected on-line, including your children’s toys. This is not a delusional paranoid fantasy, but the actual reality that you have allowed yourselves to be led in to, like sheep to the slaughter. But as long as you are reading this and can access our resources all is not lost. That is not an exaggeration or misinformation, this is reality.

Under the phony War on Terror global censorship Full Spectrum Dominance paradigm, the foundation for a global police state, the last truly free and independent leak and transparency site in the world needs your support. You will not hear about us anywhere, people are too terrified to link to us, but we have existed on-line for over 16 years, made possible by our geo-location. You will not hear about anything we have been through, the bans from all Western controlled social media and fundraising platforms, the endless cyber and real-world attacks, the persecutions, prosecutions and the global character assassinations and smear campaigns. We are an inconvenient truth, a thorn in the eye at the top of the pyramid.

It has not been that difficult for them to demonize us, we are not the right race, we are not of the right political leaning and we exist in a demonized and targeted country which we love, something which we have suffered endlessly for.

Our only weapon is truth. Ultimate truth has no variants or shades or degrees. It is what it is and can not be distorted or angled or twisted to serve an agenda as the Trump Q-Anon operation has tried and tried to do. Truth is not a tool to be used by liars and thieves and mass-murdering psychopaths. Truth is something you serve, humbly and with little fanfare.

Since 2003 JAR2 has served Truth. If you dig around a little you will find every leak, every banned release of information and millions of facts and truths that THEY do not want you to know. They want you stupid and ignorant and because truth is power, they want the truth to only be known by the powerful and the rich and the “elites”.

One journalist recently pondered the question: “Can entire countries suffer from Cognitive Dissonance?”. Of course! When the population is brain-washed and fed lies and distortions from cradle to grave, that is what MKULTRA and MOCKINGBIRD are all about.

1984 was a warning. The lunatics with control of the levers and buttons used it as a blueprint and technology has made it all possible. Almost.

We desperately need your support to continue what we believe is a fight for all humanity. We need to increase our infrastructure, meaning servers, SSDs and other hardware. We also need new URLs and another ISDN as well as increasing security for out physical location. Despite the bans, the censorship, the black-listings and even programmed warnings by “security” software, our traffic is on the rise and has almost doubled in the past few months. We still do not use cookies or collect visitor information other than server logs which we destroy every month and only use to keep track of who is attacking us. We have never lost a source or compromised anyone we have associated with and unlike that other “leak” site, we have never had moneyed sponsors or media support. We exist outside of the mainstream and for the most part we are ghosts in the machine, which is fine. Anonymity is like a warm blanket. However even with everything stacked against us we are still here. Please help keep it that way and support, what I believe, is the most important work in the world, spreading truth.

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The Avatars of the Empire of Lies: Clarity in the Age of Deception

July 24, 2019 - Now that the daily hyped-up government controlled "poor Assange media spectacle" has ended with the untouchable disinformation HASBARA agent enjoying the company of Neo-Nazi cell neighbors and hopefully members of Anonymous and people he ratted on and helped put away, we can look at the methodology and the obvious (now even to the blindest) way in which he was used by the Empire of Lies to promote disinformation and stifle real revelations, terrorize real whistleblowers and in the end completely disseminate and in fact kill the global peace and truth movements which were a threat to the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex, the Zionist Entity and the New World Order freaks, whose very existence is based on lies which cover up their daily crimes against humanity and the ensalvement of 99% of the human race.

Just the simple fact alone that intelligence agencies now control the global media in a CIA MOCKINGBIRD HASBARA net of lies and censorship should have people up in arms worldwide but even that, like the war on journalism, has been normalized by the controllers of the Empire of Lies.

Today even "Truthers" who seek to reveal things they learn lie by omission not understanding the full picture and serve the illegal criminal New World Order by complaining of persecution which only serves the architects and the masters.

The now military grade multiple layers of lies, deception and skillfully and subtly promoted agendas are not visible to most consumers of the daily information we are all fed like pigs in sties and only those who have managed to raise to any level inside the media or control structures can actually see what they are truly doing, and it is horrendous.

Continue reading here: The Avatars of the Empire of Lies: Clarity in the Age of Deception

JAR2: The Truth is Very Close

Continue reading here: The Avatars of the Empire of Lies: Clarity in the Age of Deception

Good News: Totally Wonderful Non-Racist People All Around Me ))) 

July 24, 2019 - Published the NSA lists today and almost totally consolidated the CIA lists to one page. One thing that struck me is the complete lack of any Latino or non-white sounding names in all of the lists. Which should tell you what "Security Agencies" are really all about another is the number of embedded "analysts" and officers in "private" organizations and the number using USAID as cover. This should ring alarm bells but the world has moved on, nothing to see here, not important.  

Good News: Totally Wonderful Person at Sberbank Russia 

July 22, 2019 - I usually write about topics which need attention or require change but this time I just want to publicly thank Olga at my local Sberbank, the mystery manager who let me use her cell and then finally did what no one in Sberbank in Moscow was able to do for 10 years and that is synchronize all my data. Those close by know what I am talking about. Again thank you Olga and Sberbank for treating me like a human being. Looking for work. Translations, English instruction, editting, ghost writing, voice overs and projects. Open to suggestions.

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Completely wonderful day in Mother Russia

Musya says: "I am a Muscovite not some damn sick-under-fed embassy cat."

July 22, 2019 - For the CIA spooks and all my enemies who regularly vist this blog. I had a GREAT day. LULZ all around. Keep on doing what you are doing and outing yoursleves and continue stewing in your racist hate and supremacist ignorance. I'll probably have a nice cup of tea, a wonderful meal and read a book after I go through the archives and decide what to release next. LULZ))) Oh those APPs are really great))) APPS? Did I say APPS?))) LULZ)))

This Blog has been locked down and access restricted 

July 21, 2019 - If you support our fight and are a friend of JAR2 please contact us for a password or make a donation to have 100% access to JAR2.

Four Days of Living Hell: A Look Into the Digital Hell World of the Future

July 12, 2019 - A job I did not get, 3 nights disassembling Android, complete financial wipe out, an apartment turned upside down, several thousand new grey hairs, three new knives in my back, a student who pulled an Ellie Driver and the realization that we have already lost the war, all because of an APP. I will tell you all about it later.

Later 7.17.2019: And of course the Assange shadow appears again after all of these posts. Media Intrigue: Spying on Julian Assange

The Digital Fascism of the "Elites": Who's Controlling the Grid?

LATER July 13, 2019 ATTACK: What if one day you were deathly ill and your digital medical records had been lost and your account showed a negative rating and you were just simply told to die?

The Attack

After the post above mentioning APPS, a recent post (July 03, 2019) stating that Yandex is NOT a Russian search engine, my June 22nd exposure of traffic cam manipulations and other efforts here in the real world and the area of the local net which I will not tell you about for security reasons, JAR2 was subjected to a 5 hour probe as IP addresses in the Netherlands (where Yandex is located) and several in Virginia (CIA et al) attempted to find weakness is our servers causing a shut down which lasted several minutes and amassing hundred Mb log files. You can see in one of the log files that they are using Web Cruiser 3.5 which is a forensic type tool to probe server and site weaknesses. We can also see all of the exploits the Virginia users attempted to manipulate including SQL, PHP ASP.net and the like and finally we see the use of Amazon (a CIA front). They apparently have no idea what I am really running on my servers so that is WONDERFUL or what I am capable of but it is too late for them now))) Like Assange they should have expected me.

Here is a partial collection of the data I have (Note: I will never publish everything I have or everything I know because that will give the enemy the knowledge they so crave as to my capabilites. Let's just say this is about 30%. We know who you are and where you are):

USA MIIC Full Spectrum Surveillance and Dominance Being Applied in Russia: AVG Blocks JAR2, Monitors Wifi Connections and Warns JAR2 is "Dangerous", only not the sites but our internal Wifi connection!

July 15, 2019 - This is truly insidious. Will upload a clearer picture later! Per the post above I spent four days last week attempting to first install an APP which required the latest Android and then was forced to upgrade a device to Android 9 which is "not supported" in order to install the APP only to learn that the service I needed is not available to Asylees. All of my efforts did however open up a wealth of information as to how we are all being manipulated and targetted by "elites" serving the New World Order and infiltrating Russian infrastructure right under the noses of Russian Security. My efforts may have caused a two day black out of my cell phone provider as I was tracing IP data packets going back to the NSA and CIA.  (No supporting files here)

A Provocation or a Job? llegal Targetting and Denial of "Unwanted Classes of People" to Access to Necessary Services OR How the "Elites" Block Taxes from Reaching the State OR Trust No One

The four days of hell started with the promise of a job. Whether the job was real or not or whether it was just another "Knife-in-the-Back" Op, by Michael McFaul's/USAID/CIA butt-hurt "elite 5th column" is still up for question but anyway I hoped for the best and as always planned for the worst. Beware of strangers bearing gifts and people who want to befriend you for no reason is generally the rule, coupled by trust but check, and thus after applied I decided to take this person for his word, although after the Director who proudly showed me McFaul's card while telling me he used to provide young boys for Dmitry Kisilev, my opinion of Directors is not all too high. So far the Director has not commented but we of course are open for anything he might have to say on this. SO far the jury is still out...

The job was a temporary one involving a film and was to have lasted a month and it was all a done deal except one thing, which he told me was a problem before I even tried. Namely I had to register as self-employed on the Sberbank site they could transfer my pay. They could have offered me a contract, or hired me as a temporary employee but they insisted that I do so only on Sberbank. So as a law abiding citizen who wanted to pay taxes I tried and then the games began.

Day One, Monday, July 10, 2019: I got the call about the job and was a little excited but very skeptical for some reason but I thought "Why not?" let me give it a shot! So first I visited the Sberbank site and read up on all of the details. Seemed easy enough. All I had to do was answer a few questions and select which card to attach to incoming payments. I first entered my account page on-line and searched for this function only to come up empty. Nowhere. So I went to the local branch and waited for my turn and spoke with the manager who told me that I had to call the bank in order to activate this status. For some reason she told me that the bank had voice recognition software in place and that the bank would recognize my voice. Creepy but okay.

I went home and the fun was just beginning. I dialed the number and a robotic female voice answered not giving me any option to speak to an operator or to deal with the issue I needed help with. The computer was supposed to react to voice commands but it did not understand anything I was saying. In the end, after 25 calls and screaming at it I finally got through to a live person. I was flustered at this point having spent about 5 hours on this crap already and he told me that he could not help me and that the only way to register as self-employed, so as to pay taxes, (Yes I was trying to pay taxes!!!) was by using their APP. Nice. Only through the APP he said. There is no other way. So what? Okay. Install the APP and then register. Great!


No not great. I have, or I had is better, a rooted Android device (another ridiculous tech nightmare as Android will not allow you to install APPS wherever you want) and the bank's APP would not install on my device. Okay. I really needed this job so I factory defaulted my device and reinstalled all of the Google crap that I had blocked and deleted and which I can not allow to be used against me. So I searched the play store find the APP and lo and behold my device is too old and the APP will not install on it. Now what? Upgrade my Android Kit Kat, which is fine for what I need it for, or try to find an older version of the APP? Upgrading Android was not an option so I searched the web for an older copy of the APP since I knew the older APP was compatible as I had used it before but it was nowhere to be found. It took several hours of searching after a trip to the local computer shop to see if the computer guy could help but apparently I knew more than him, so I finally found it and installed the APP, which required a manual install into Android. I won't go into details but I discovered processes in Android that were sending packets to IPs under NSA/CIA and GCHQ. I took Android apart. It is a spy device. Anyway the older APP worked but lo and behold the function I needed was not included. It is only on the latest version of the APP.

The APP required Android 8 or newer and after almost bricking my device and doing an impossible upgrade the APP still did not install as my hardware was not supported. So what next? I needed a new mobile device in order to simply install the bank's APP. Being as Android 8 and above are only available on high end new devices I had a real problem as I live in abject poverty and don't have 400 bucks or more to go and buy a new mobile device in order to install an APP. I called the "Director" and explained the predicament and asked why there was no other way to hire me. He said that was it. By this time it was already Friday and he told me the job started Monday and they needed the bank numbers by evening. What to do? No money and no one to borrow the money from so I decided it was time to create a radical solution. Something I should have done right away. Of course I could not hack the bank or install a virtual device as this would have been illegal, so I came up with the only logical answer I could.

I went back to the bank and found the girl I had spoken to on Monday I explained everything to her and asked her if she could simply login into my account with her device and her APP. She was unbelievably helpful and understanding and agreed after making sure she would not be fired. So we sat down and logged in and found the function and once again, like with Yandex... The "function" was not available to people with asylum. End of story. Almost. It gets worse.

I called the "Director" and he informed me as a matter of fact that "The government has installed a series of measures to make it impossible for anyone who is not Russian to get a job". Being as according to Russian Law and the Russian Constitution I am supposed to have all of the rights of Russian citizens this would make this illegal. Now what?

In short what we basically have is an instrument that is forcing people who are self-employed to either perish or avoid paying taxes. From the perspective of State Security this is an instrument and infrastructure that is in fact depriving the state tax coffers of billions of rubles.  

As for Yandex? In contradiction to Russian law Yandex does not send a statement for payments or transactions made through its system thus avoiding taxes. Being as Yandex is based in the Netherlands one wonders how many billions of rubles are being stolen from Russia. Especially in the road camera fine payment category. Basically a foreign actor is making profits off of the traffic violations of Russian drivers.

Bad? It gets worse as we go down the digital rabbit hole of mass surveillance and military grade gang-stalking. Not paranoid inducing enough yet? On the 15th I get the e-mail below stating that anything against Israel is not in the "Community Guidelines" as they are a "protected group" meaning they can get away with mass-murder and genocide and even though I am a "protected individual" with asylum the US and its agents can target me wherever I am. My answer was a very public one and I challenge the idiots at YouTube to delete my account.

Fact: Google/YouTube Accessories to 9/11 False Flag Terrorist Attack

Dear YouTube, You and FakeBook and all the rest think your platforms matter. I haven't logged in to YouTube for almost a year and to FakeBook even longer. I could not care less even if you delete my account. You serve US "Intelligence" and "Israel" and there is no way you can force the world to do the same no matter how hard you try. Go ahead delete my account please. Your are an atavism spreading disinformation and trying to censor the Internet and the truth. By your censorship you have proven yourselves accessories to mass-murder. You are approaching your inevitable end. YouTube protecting the mass-murdering NeoCon Zionist Fraudster SCUM which carried out 9/11.

Google Protecting WikiLeaks Limited Hangout to Hide CIA and MOSSAD Involvement and 9/11 Coverup

LATER July 16, 2019: It appears I am getting too close to someone's "secret" surveillance grid. After the post dated 07.12, JAR2 was subjected to a five hour probe from Virginia and the Netherlands. See the July 15th, post above for the continuation to this "saga".

July 16, 2019

This gets weirder and weirder. A secret friend came over on Saturday and while connecting their high-end Android 8 phone to my internal hidden Wi-Fi Network a warning came up that jar2.com was dangerous. They tried to do a screen grab of the warning message but it did not work, so I attempted to photograph it and even though the focus was clear it came out as the mess above. Sure Google wants Russian Wi-Fi routers to be patched for the NSA that is understandable but this warning means that somewhere they are storing my internal network information. Their phone also reports on traffic nearby from America, how many steps the person walks every day, where their friends are, what the weather is and provides creepy suggestions based on searches and purchases. It also blocks sites and individuals who the "Shadow Masters" deem to be "dangerous". These "services" now want to control and hold your money when the issuing and saving of money should be under the control of the state. So here we have international actors ala Rothschilds who do not want to pay taxes to any state and want to have their money secure internationally, able to get money from wherever they want in the world, again tax free.  As for US Full Spectrum Gang Stalking and Surveillance? Being as I am the only American with asylum in the Russian Federation and all of these Internet resources trying to poke little knives in my life are American, I would say this is not a case of paranoia but of specific targetting either by individual or group. They would kill, destroy or "inconveniencce" thousands to get one target. Hopefully somone is paying attention.

The SSL Lie

Finally I will leave you with the SSL scam. Anyone who knows about encryption and wants secure communications knows that you do not use a middle-man. Which is exactly what SSL servers are. Not only can they decrypt all of the communications between your servers and your clients but they know ever time someone visits your site and exactly what they do there. This is why Yandex and Chrome and Mozilla are now promoting SSL and warning that sites without SSL are "unsafe". Just think about this, every time you visit a site with SSL, your browser also contacts that site's certificate authority so that every visit is logged to the authority's servers. Why else would you get a warning about SSL for sites such as for JAR2 where no interactive transactions are talking place? They want to track you. I installed SSL under recommendations from Yandex, however my site was not upgraded in search nor did my traffic increase in over 3 years because of SSL. If you want to stay secure DO NOT use SSL. It is the TROJAN HORSE MAN IN THE MIDDLE. That is all for now from Cyber Hell. Cheers and stay anonymous.

Oh, I almost forgot the road camera incidents....

The Brainwashing of Russia: Putin is Not the Problem You Are

July 11, 2019 - Operational Report in Brief: The 5th column is not resting and will never stop serving the New World Order until they are re-educated or forced to actually study history and learn the truth. Their belief in the fairy-tales and lies of the West are so ingrained into their psyches causing such a level of cognitive dissonance that they will fight and even destroy themselves for the illusions that they have been programmed with. Extreme counter measures are needed with first and foremost a complete and total wipe of all communications infrastructure.

LEAKS25A 7.10 Anti-Nazism Blocked by Israel, USA and Ukraine

Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. This is the real fight. Stay focused

Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices

Once Again Meet Samuel McCulloch the CIA Editor at Sputnik

Case Closed on Fake Fine

July 06, 2019 - Yesterday after going to the police traffic division office I finally received an answer to my complaint regarding the false fines I was receiving for another vehicle. What is interesting here is that Yandex was blocking access to the photographs and then there is the Podolsk connection we detailed earlier connected to MI6 asset Rimmer. Now if we could only get the video from July 2015 at Pochta Rossiya in Zhulebino, my son would be freed. The fight continues off the grid. The letter below says that the traffic fine was against me was cancelled and even apologizes for any inconvenience which was more than I had expected. It also proves that MVD was not connected with the fabrication of fines but that the company or individuals plugged into the cameras are either completely incompetent or negligent when checking fines from cameras since someone is supposed to check and sign off on such fines and it is obvious to anyone that the Skoda is NOT my vehicle.

Giving control of fines to private companies as well as privatizing any security, investigative, military or judicial functions of the government is NOT a good idea. The police in the traffic division stated that they had no control of anything related to cameras. Which revives the question: who controls the surveillance grid? Since the control of the traffic cams has now been transferred to a subsidiary of Glonass, after the publication of my fine and my sending of several letters, we can call this incident closed. However that only covers traffic cams. Security could get the videos from Pochta Rossiya in Zhulebino for July 2015 and free my son, as well as ending the Moscow Parking "Sunday fines scam" involving the media, but someone is making too much money from that so that will probably never happen. We will call this a victory for but nonetheless only a small one. This case is closed. Thank you to DPS for the just and professional response. The fight continues.    

Fascist Masonic Yandex and Racist Svyasnoi Discriminate Against Asylees

or It Turns Out Yandex is Not a Russian Company and Svyznoi Serves Murkha

July 03, 2019 - For several months I have been trying to make my Yandex account official and go through their identification process so I can use Yandex money.

It is difficult everywhere but I fought PayPal and Sberbank and others and was successful in getting them to recognize that I am a person like everyone else. However with Yandex whom I supported and actually promoted on JAR2 it has proven an impossibility. Yandex does not recognize Asylees and people with asylum or even permanent residency.

You know I fight fascists and racists so there is no way I can support Yandex any longer as their policies are fascist.

On a sub-note Yandex also downgrades all my pages and my site in search, labelling them "low quality". Low quality must be Yandex's label for non-white or non-New World Order. Interestingly Google who I hate, have called a spy tool and have documented extensively continues to maintain my site and its pages in the regional search. Sure Google has dropped me in the international searches but Yandex which is only a few hops away has downgraded me in the local searches. So the conclusion is that Yandex is another tool of the Neo-Liberals and the New World Order and is racist, fascist and does not recognize refugees or journalists who do not support the Neo-Liberal New World Order destruction of Russia.

Will I write about Yandex or extensively expose them giving them the PR they want? No. Yandex does not support JAR2 and this will be all you will hear about that.

A free Russian Internet does not mean a fascist Russian Internet. Good bye Yandex. JAR2 no longer supports you and will no longer promote you.

As for Svaysnoi? I went to their office with all of my documents which are good enough for the Government of the Russia Federation, the police, the courts, the tax authorities, legally operating employers, banks including Sberbank and everyone else in the World but not for Yandex and Svyasnoi. They refused to identify me and allow me to go through their paid identification process (300 rubles) and I asked the girl (Tuesday July 02,2019 12:50) who did not want to "identify me" if she could call her office or her client support and she looked at me as if I was a piece of shit and rudely told me no.

I repeated, "You refuse to call or help to "identify" me."

She said, "Yes, I can call but I will not."

So I called Yandex again and was kept on hold for over an hour and talked to an Ekaterina who seemed to be trying to help but in the end just sent me a support letter promising to work out my case within an hour. No more answers came. Not in an hour, not in 2 hours and not in 12 hours.

The authorization is to use Yandex money. So? We get it Yandex. You are a racist, fascist corporation controlled by the US Deep State.

Goodbye Yandex 

Later: I asked myself who owns Yandex???? I started to investigate and the answer is: the 5th column.

Later: It's funny. I used to teach English at the central office of Svyasnoi... Bunch of America lovers like alll the neo-Liberals destroying Moscow and Russia!


Яндекс перевод
Фашистские Яндекса Svyasnoi и расистской дискриминации в отношении беженцы
03 июля 2019 - уже несколько месяцев я пытаюсь сделать свой аккаунт Яндекса официальным и пройти процесс их идентификации, чтобы я мог использовать Яндекс деньги.
Это трудно везде, но я боролся c PayPal и Сбербанк и другие и был успешным в получении их признать, что я человек, как и все остальные. Однако с Яндексом, которого я поддерживал и фактически продвигал на JAR2, это оказалось невозможным. Яндекс не признает беженцев и людей с убежищем или даже тех с постоянным местом жительства. Они читает себя высшее да правительство РФ и мировая сообщество!
Вы знаете, что я борюсь с фашистами и расистами, поэтому я больше не могу поддерживать Яндекс, поскольку их политика фашистская.
На заметке Яндекс также понижает все мои страницы и мой сайт в поиске, маркируя их "низким качеством". Низкое качество должно быть ярлыком Яндекса для небелого или не Нового Мирового Порядка. Интересно, что Google, которого я ненавижу, назвал шпионским инструментом и подробно документировал, продолжает поддерживать мой сайт и его страницы в региональном поиске. Конечно, Google бросил меня в международных поисках, но Яндекс, который находится всего в нескольких прыжках, понизил меня в местных поисках. Таким образом, вывод состоит в том, что Яндекс является еще одним инструментом неолибералов и Нового Мирового Порядка и является расистским, фашистским и не признает беженцев или журналистов, которые не поддерживают разрушение России от руки неолиберального Нового Мирового Порядка.
Буду ли я писать о Яндексе или широко разоблачать их, давая им PR, который они хотят? Нет. Яндекс не поддерживает JAR2 и это все, что вы услышите об этом.
Свободный русский Интернет не означает фашистский русский интернет. До свидания Яндекс. JAR2 больше не поддерживает и не будет продвигать вас.
Что касается Svyasnoi? Я пришел в их офис со всеми моими документами, которые достаточно хороши для Правительства Российской Федерации, полиции, судов, налоговых органов, легально работающих работодателей, банков, включая Сбербанк и всех остальных в мире, но не для Яндекса и Svyasnoi. Они отказались идентифицировать меня и позволить мне пройти через их оплаченный процесс идентификации (300 рублей), и я спросил девушку (вторник июль 02,2019 12:50), которая не хотела "идентифицировать меня", может ли она позвонить в свой офис или ее клиентскую поддержку, и она посмотрела на меня, как на кусок дерьма, и грубо сказала мне нет.
Я повторил: "вы отказываетесь позвонить или помочь" идентифицировать " меня."
Она сказала: "Да, я могу позвонить, но не буду."
Поэтому я снова позвонил в "Яндекс", и меня держали в ожидании больше часа, и поговорил с Екатериной, которая, казалось, пыталась помочь, но в конце концов просто отправила мне письмо поддержки, обещая проработать мое дело в течение часа. Больше ответов не последовало. Не через час, не через 2 часа и не через 12 часов.
Авторизация заключается в использовании Яндекс денег. И что? Мы понимаем всё Яндекс. Вы-расистская, фашистская корпорация, контролируемая глубоким штатом США.
До свидания Яндекс и Svyasnoi

Later: Another fake news site is blocking JAR2 GateHouse Media LLC and imperva



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Surge of Refugees: Russia Prevents CIA/ISIS Genocide - JAR2

Why is it that only now with Russian bombing ISIS, after 15 years of US/NATO/Israeli war in the Middle East, that refugees have made it to Europe?

Foundation for Liquidation of Israel and the Corporation of the United States


Swallow's Nest, Yalta, Crimea March 2016 by John Robles

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Exclusive: Tour of Abandoned Russian Anti-Ballistic Missile Site

Abandoned Russian Anti Ballistic Missile Site

Victory Day 2015 Photos from JAR2

Photos taken by JAR2 during Victory Day Celebrations and a Communist march in Moscow on May 9th 2015 



We are still here thanks to Russia



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Due to Ongoing Targetting Most Content Moved to Paid Blog

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The Real Leaks (Agent Lists/Articles/Leaks) Had to be Stopped.

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The Whole Truth About JAR2 Ready to be Published: Book Preview


BOOK PREVIEW: CIA Black Operations Assets in Police and Drug Gangs in Russia

 04-12-2016 For a preview of the book DOWLOAD FREE BY CLICKING HERE     OR OPEN THE PDF HERE    


FOR THE CRIME OF JOURNALISM or "Тотальна ганебна зрада!"

I used to be the "Voice of Russia"

Because Robles Came Snowden


Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Не будь рабом коррупции!  


CIA Covert Operations Targetting the Robles Family

2015 CIA Black Operation on My Son

The US Embassy in Moscow ordered the arrest of my son. This will not be forgotten. Ever.


NEW 07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files


This is a photo of my son shortly before his fabricated arrest

This was an attempt to damage me with the Russian Orthodox Church because I exposed USAID


3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);

CIA Color Revolution Specialist Michael McFaul CIA COS Joseph Moone 5th Column

http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Michael_McFaul.html  SEE MCFaul

CIA MOCKINGBIRD Disinformation Synthesis Point Washington Post 


CIA Avatar Edward Greenberg (VERAX) (Snow Den) 


CIA Limited Hangout Disinformation Clearing House WikiLeaks


My Best Student the Biggest Traitor. Helped the CIA. Got Asylum in the USA. Sold

CIA Covert Foreign Media Information Operation - Voice of Russia Wipe

Boston: 5th Column Traitors to Russia Protecting Bush/Obama/Clinton et al Crimes

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CIA Covert Foreign Media Information Operation - Voice of Russia Wipe

After a "Meeting" where baseball bats where present and being waved around and I was forced to give up my personal passwords for my private e-mails I filed a police report. The police investigators refused to open a criminal case against those who took part and they pretended is never happened.

"Liberal" 5th Column Traitors to Russia Protecting the Crimes of Bush/Obama/Clinton et al 

I investigated and exposed the Boston Bombing False Flag in Russia. The reported everyone to CIA.  


My Best Student the Biggest Traitor. Helped the CIA. Got Asylum in the USA. Sold Me and My Family. Traitor. I taught him the real meaning of Thanksgiving and he did this:




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